'90 Day Fiance:' Anna and Mursel Marry With Just 2 Hours Left on His Visa

Anna and Mursel from '90 Day Fiance'

Anna and Mursel raced to the altar on Sunday's season finale of '90 Day Fiance.'

Anna and Mursel raced to the altar on Sunday's season finale of 90 Day Fiance, in what has to be one of the most stressful weddings in reality TV history.

After Mursel flew back to Nebraska from Turkey to marry Anna -- the two previously broke up because Mursel kept the fact that Anna has three sons from a previous relationship a secret from his parents and they told him to come back to Turkey when he finally came clean, though they eventually gave him their blessing -- the two have little time for a romantic reunion. There is only six hours left on Mursel's visa when he lands in Omaha, and clearly, Anna is stressed.

Anna also sadly reveals that her eldest son, Joey, as well as her mother don't approve of the wedding and so they decided not to attend. Throughout the season, Joey has expressed his dislike towards Mursel and as for her mother, she was highly upset when Mursel decided to go back to Turkey instead of standing up to his parents in the first place. Meanwhile, her middle child, Gino, says he supports the marriage because Mursel makes his mom happy. As for her youngest child, Leo, he adorably says he's just here for the cake.

With a little help from her friends, Anna does pull off a backyard wedding ceremony. And despite the ups and downs between Anna and Mursel this season, the two clearly love one another, and Mursel is emotional when he sees her in her wedding dress. In one particularly sweet moment, Mursel ties a red bow around Anna's wedding dress, which is a Turkish wedding custom.

Later, Leo again steals the show with a short speech.

In a preview of the 90 Day Fiance tell-all special airing next week on TLC, Anna hints that there is still more Mursel's parents don't know about her. Meanwhile, for a look back at a pivotal moment in their relationship this season, watch the video below: