'90 Day Fiancé': Jesse Says It's 'Pretty Obvious' Why Tim and Jeniffer Were Never Intimate

'90 Day Fiance' stars Jesse, Tim and Jeniffer

Jesse also reunited with his ex, Darcey, for the first time in years.

90 Day Fiancé star Jesse definitely stirred the pot on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Bares All. After it was revealed in the trailer for 90 Day: The Single Life season 2 that Jesse is now dating fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Tim's ex-girlfriend, Jeniffer, Jesse had some surprising comments about Tim.

A big part of Tim and Jeniffer's season was Tim not wanting to be intimate with the Colombian model, and some viewers -- as well as Jeniffer -- questioned his sexuality. When 90 Day Bares All host Shaun Robinson asked Jesse if he knew the answer to why Tim and Jeniffer were never intimate, he replied, "I think it's pretty obvious."

"To be honest, Jeniffer told me before she met him, he was always talking about me and how great I was, and how she should check me out," Jesse also claimed. "And when I heard that for the first time, I was a little caught off-guard, like, why you talking about me?"

When asked if Tim was trying to hook him and Jeniffer up, Jesse replied, "No, I think Tim was just admiring me."

Jesse said that he didn't know Tim, but did watch segments of his season and "had a good laugh about it."

"But, I didn't know, like, anything about him, or him talking about me and saying all these great things, so, thank you, Tim, because of that and other things, me and Jeniffer are now here, so I'm a little bit grateful for that," he said.

Meanwhile, Jesse also came face to face with his ex, Darcey, after their bad breakup and his involvement in her relationships with both her exes, Tom and Georgi. It's no secret that Darcey and Jesse have bad blood, though they at first attempted to keep it cordial. Jesse -- who made a virtual appearance while Darcey and her twin sister, Stacey, and Stacey's husband, Florian, were in studio with Shaun -- said he had no hard feelings and Darcey insisted that she had let the past go. Shaun asked Jesse how it felt to see Darcey after all these years, and noted what a big moment it was for the 90 Day Fiancé franchise to reunite one of its most infamous couples.

"I just really hope that she's in a good place, happy, and it's been a long time," Jesse said.

Darcey curtly replied, "Good to see you, hope life's been good to you."

But Florian cut in and said while everyone is "talking nice," later, they would all go on social media and fight. He then said Jesse blocked him on social media for no reason, even though he didn't know him. Jesse denied he ever blocked Florian and Florian got heated when Jesse dismissed him.

"Do you speak English?" Florian aggressively asked him.

As for Georgi reaching out to Jesse during Darcey & Stacey season 2, which caused Darcey to break up with Georgi, Jesse claimed he told Georgi he wasn't going to speak badly about Darcey -- even though on camera, Jesse claimed that Darcey was dating both Tom and him at the same time. Darcey denied this, and Jesse said that his and Tom's messages "don't lie."

"If you want to say that's not true, that's your right," Jesse said.

At this point, Darcey lost her temper.

"This is f**king bullsh**," she said. "It wasn't true. I don't lie. I don't need to lie. Messages? Lovely fake messages that they conspired on their own. ... I never cheated on anyone in my life."

Darcey also refuted Jesse's claim that he received messages from her while she was still dating Georgi. She insisted that she had at no point in time contacted Jesse or his mother while she was with Georgi. 

"The truth is that she knows my number and I have received messages up to a certain point and I can even go back to a message that said she reached out to my mom and I said, you need to stop contacting us and leave us alone," Jesse claimed. "We don't appreciate this behavior."

Meanwhile, Tim spoke to ET in 2019, and he directly addressed rumors about him. 

"Jeniffer's not the only one that's said that. Let's be honest," Tim said of his sexuality being questioned. "There's a lot of people that have speculated that there's all kinds of issues going on." 

Tim shut down the rumors, explaining to ET that sex wasn't as important to him as it once was. 

"I'm almost 40 years old. I want to be in love," he said at the time. "I know sex is an important part of love, but it's not everything like it used to be. My biggest goal was just building a foundation that I thought would be able to last because I don't want to be divorced. I've waited this long to get married. I've never been married. I think that's just strange that society just thinks if a man says no then he's gay. If a woman says no, it's fine. But it's like the double standard that society has. I kind of laugh about it. I do have some feminine traits. The gay thing was kind of out of left field for me."

As for some speculating he was transgender, Tim found it "laughable." 

"The episode that just aired, you saw me get into a hot tub with Jeniffer, and I saw online that people were literally screenshotting it and looking for scars that I had my 'breasts' removed," he said. "It comes with the territory. You're going to get people that just have to come up with these outlandish ideas. I'm not transgender. I think it's cool for the people that want to do that if that's what you want to do with your life, but that's not me."

To see Jesse and Jeniffer's steamy new romance, watch the video below.