'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Tyray Finds Carmella's Pictures on an Escort Website But Still Thinks She's Real

Despite all the evidence, Tyray still clung to the hope that Carmella's real and shared a wild theory about where she is.

Tyray refuses to give up on the idea of his girlfriend, Carmella from Barbados, being real despite all the evidence pointing to him being catfished for the past four years. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the Days, Tyray's sister, Lashanti, presented him with another new shocking discovery, but Tyray held on to the belief that there was something deeper going on.

Tyray admitted his emotions had been all over the place since producers told him that when they attempted to contact Carmella for the show -- whom Tyray had been communicating with solely through Snapchat for the past four years -- a man named Christian answered and admitted to pretending to be Carmella. Tyray later admitted he has been sending Carmella money and that at one point he traveled to Barbados to meet her, but she ghosted him and then blamed it on COVID. Still, on Sunday's episode, Tyray told cameras he still thought everything was "a misunderstanding."

"I don't know how the last four years could be a lie," he told cameras.

During an outing with Lashanti, he said that it was hard for him to no longer get daily messages from Carmella and that it was "torture" for him to not look at his phone.

"It's something that I don't really want to admit to, but I cry," he said. 

Tyray told Lashanti that Carmella hadn't been responding to his Snapchats but he could see that she opened them. He said he still had hope in his heart that Carmella was real and wondered if she was "in prison or something." Lashanti openly laughed and said she wanted to shake him to put some sense in his head. Still, Tyray persisted and said that maybe Carmella was talking to him while in prison and got released and was now with her husband.

"Yeah, you're delusional," Lashanti told him while laughing. "I'm sorry."

Lashanti then told cameras that she did her own research on Carmella but didn't know how to tell Tyray since he was still in a vulnerable state. But she did end up telling him that she found Carmella's pictures on an escort page. What was even more shocking was that the page said she worked in various cities in California, and one of the cities was only 30 minutes away from where Tyray lived. Tyray was visibly shaken and threw his phone on the ground while walking away.

Tyray eventually returned and said he was "confused" and felt like it was "a dagger in [his] heart." But then he started wondering if Christian was Carmella's "pimp." Lashanti was again shocked that Tyray was refusing to accept that Christian just pretended to be Carmella this whole time.

"It's hard to watch him cling to some hope for her to be real because all the signs are right there that he was catfished, but he's too in denial for me," Latisha told cameras. "And I want him to accept it for what it is, and not try to make more excuses. But, I don't know how else to help Tyray -- I really don't."

Tyray then called the number on the escort website but it went to voicemail. He followed up with a text message asking her to chat when she's available, but didn't get a response. When he Googled the number, he saw it belonged to yet another escort service with more of her pictures. Tyray told cameras he was "lost and confused" but that he wanted to connect with her so that he could get the whole truth.

ET recently spoke to Tyray and he explained why he clung to the idea that Carmella was real despite all the evidence.

"What made me have hope still was just that maybe something is just not right, maybe she got cold feet, maybe she was afraid to meet or something like that so that was like my initial thing, like, she's just joking around because she's scared, you know what I mean?" he explained. "Maybe's she's scared to meet or something, or maybe she's changing her mind so that's why I was kind of like, you know, let me just see where this goes or where this leads me to."

He admitted to ET that he's felt a sense of shame watching it back and has in fact seen all the jokes about him online.

"Well, mainly I am embarrassed about it, like, when I look at it I am like, 'Dang, I really was pushing and pushing and pushing,' like it can't be, you know?" he said. "I'm like, damn, I have seen the memes and they are funny because, like, they are what you would expect someone to say like, 'OK let me just accept it,' but I never really accepted it and when I watch it, I am just like, 'Dang, what was I thinking?' I wasn't thinking, that's the thing."

Tyray also teased a "shocking ending" to his journey this season. Watch the video below for more.