'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Yohan Meets Daniele's Ex Taylen and Asks Degrading Questions

Yohan's meeting with Daniele's ex-boyfriend, Taylen, ended up with her in tears due to Yohan's degrading questions.

Be careful what you wish for. After lots of fighting over Daniele wanting her husband, Yohan, to meet her ex-boyfriend, Taylen, while he visits her in the Dominican Republic -- and Yohan saying that this was inappropriate in his culture -- the two men finally met on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Yohan humiliated Daniele by asking inappropriate questions and she ended up in tears.

Yohan reluctantly agreed to meet Taylen on Sunday's episode, and to reassure him that there were no longer any romantic feelings between her and Taylen, Daniele agreed to let him ask her ex all the questions he wanted. The meeting with Taylen, who's a semi-pro basketball player, was awkward from the start due to the language barrier and Daniele having to translate between them. Yohan immediately made fun of Taylen's pink outfit, telling cameras that he looked like a flamingo and said he would "rather die than dress like that." 

Taylen appeared happy to meet Yohan and said he dated Daniele for four months when Yohan asked. He said it started out as a friendship that turned into something more and Daniele added that there was never a future between them and that they were just together because of the pandemic. Yohan then made him stand up to note that he was taller than him and asked him his shoe size. When Talen replied size 14, Yohan said they were the same size and commented, "Daniele likes men with big penises." When Yohan asked Taylen if he had a big penis, Daniele laughed it off but Taylen was taken aback.

"When Yohan asked me how big my penis was, it was extremely strange," he told cameras. "That's a question that women usually ask. So the fact that a married man asked me that caught me off guard, but you know, it happens."

When Daniele told Yohan not to ask those types of questions, he resisted. Yohan then asked about the sex between Daniele and Yohan. At this point, both Daniele and Taylen were visibly not amused, and Daniele told him she wouldn't talk to him about her and Taylen's past relationship because it was inappropriate. Yohan said he could ask any questions he wanted since she's the one who wanted them to meet. Taylen insisted that he did not want to have a relationship with Daniele and firmly replied "no" when Yohan asked if he would have sex with her if she asked. Yohan said he couldn't say if Daniele still had feelings for Taylen and said that she sometimes did things to break his trust. Daniele started crying as they argued in front of Taylen.

"I don't think you trust me," she said. "You want to humiliate me and that's why you need power. I don't like that. I don't want to be crying every day because of your insecurity and your need to make me look bad because you're insecure."

She added to cameras, "Yohan keeps asking questions not because he's really invested in the answers but because he wants to make me uncomfortable. Any husband who's going out of his way to make his wife feel that way is not a husband that has unconditional love for her. I'm not gonna tolerate this behavior and I don't have any guarantee that Yohan is gonna change."