'90 Day Fiancé' Star Darcey's Exes Jesse and Tom Apologize to Her During Intense Tell-All

Darcey has finally received a bit of closure when it comes to her infamous exes, Jesse and Tom.

Darcey has finally received a bit of closure when it comes to her infamous exes, Jesse and Tom. During part two of the Darcey & Stacey tell-all that aired on Monday on TLC, Darcey had a confrontation with Jesse and Tom, which ended in a surprisingly emotional apology from the both of them over their treatment of her.

Jesse's virtual appearance during the tell-all didn't sit well with Darcey's brother-in-law, Florian, and her good friend, Michael, who both walked out in anger.

During the confrontation, Darcey once again denied Jesse's claim that she cheated with Tom when she was still dating him. Tom also denied it, noting that when he started seeing Darcey, she was already at the tail-end of her relationship with Jesse and that they weren't together. 

"It depends on your definition of cheating, doesn't it?" Tom said, though Jesse insisted that Darcey talking to them both was "a form of cheating." "I've known Darcey two years before she met you, people do talk. ... Like for me, the definition of cheating is if you were still going balls deep in her, and you weren't, so."

Tom also said that Darcey's now ex-fiancé, Georgi, did previously reach out to him -- like Georgi did with Jesse -- but unlike Jesse, he chose to not get involved because it wasn't his business.

"I just think that once you've moved on with the relationship, if you're in a happy place with a new partner, really to go and speak with an ex, really, it's not my place to sit and talk with an ex-partner," he said. "Jesse, there has to be a point where you let go. You keep coming back like a bad smell. ... Try and be a little bit more humble."

Jesse defended himself and said he was coming from a place of love and wished Darcey all the best. He called Tom a hypocrite and said that Tom at one point reached out to him as well about Darcey. Later, Darcey got emotional when host Shaun Robinson asked her about the negative comments both Jesse and Tom have said about her, and said Jesse had hurt her more.

"It's hurtful, it's just jabs and jokes, so it feels bully-ish at times," she said. "I got kids. I'm a mom and I just don't want that to hurt them." 

For his part, Tom took full responsibility.

"Darcey and I were friends, I knew what Jesse had done to her, and I should have been better," he said. "Jesse didn't know better, I did. I should have been a better person. I should have."

Jesse then surprisingly apologized.

"I feel really bad if she is hurt in the way she expresses, and I really want to apologize, and again stress that I really want all the best for you," he said. I mean it with all my heart, that is sincere."

Darcey accepted his apology and thanked Jesse.

"I really hope that those words were sincere and truthful and I only wish you guys the best," she said.

When Darcey spoke ET in January, she commented on Jesse now dating another 90 Day Fiancé star, Jeniffer Tarazona

"I wasn't surprised, that's Jesse's style," Darcey said. "And of course, it had to be a past cast member as well from, you know, Before the 90 Days as well. I loved him, you know, I respect Jeniffer."

"It's their life," she continued. "As long as they're happy and in love and doing it for real, and not for the show or anything like that, I think it's great. More power to them."

ET spoke with Darcey last month, and she revealed that she and Georgi -- who was a no-show at the tell-all -- have broken off their engagement for the second time. Watch the video below for more.