'90 Day Fiancé': Steven Cries as He Proposes to Alina

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Despite some serious issues between Steven and Alina on this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Steven decided to pop the question on Sunday's episode and the proposal was every bit as quirky as the Utah native.

At first, Steven and Alina seemed more headed toward a breakup than an engagement, when Alina got upset that Steven was being hesitant when she asked him to delete his social media. Alina had accused Steven of being flirty with other women on social media, and also called him a hypocrite for expecting her to adhere to the standards of his Mormon religion, when he's the one who dropped the bombshell on her that he's actually not a virgin and had slept with multiple women.

Prior to deleting his social media, Steven showed Alina all his messages to show her that he wasn't doing anything bad, but it backfired as Alina didn't like the flirtatious nature of some of them. Alina said that he didn't take her emotions seriously, and a clueless Steven didn't understand that the messages could be taken as being overly friendly.

"I'm nervous because I feel like this could be the final straw for Alina," he said. "And what makes it worse is I don't really understand why she is so upset."

Alina explained that because she fell in love with Steven's words on social media, reading the messages he wrote to other women made her feel like she wasn't the only one.

"I don't see a reason to continue this relationship," she told him.

At that point, Steven told her not to make any rash decisions and deleted his social media accounts.

"I regret having dragged my feet this whole time," he told cameras. "The social media isn't a huge deal. So, I could have just deleted it and saved a lot of drama. And now I'm really worried that no matter how many promises I make that it won't be enough for Alina and she won't forgive me. Luckily, before coming to Turkey, I prepared a bunch of gifts to give Alina at strategic moments when I feel they will be most impactful, such as today. And hopefully that will cheer Alina up."

Steven then took her out for ice cream and presented her a Book of Mormon with flowers on it with a letter.

"Dear Alina, you have so much light inside of you and so much goodness that at first sight, I knew that all my dreams and hope I had about you while we were talking over the phone would come true," the letter read. "You have loved me for who I really am and you made me a better person. I call you my moonlight, because you reflect the light and love that I want in my life. I want you to be happy forever. For that reason I'm giving you this Book of Mormon so we can strengthen our testimonies together. You are my moonlight, Alina, I love you. Your boy, Steve." 

The gift worked and Alina was charmed by the gesture.

"I haven't dated so many people besides, like, Steven, but even though he hurt me, he still shows that he loves me and makes me feel special more than anyone else," she said. "Maybe I am forgiving easily but I think it's not a bad thing because I come to Turkey to be committed with Steven and I still believe in fairy tales so I'm not giving up."

Later, Steven said he was encouraged by Alina's ability to forgive him and planned an epic proposal on a boat. He also planned to perform a song he wrote for her on the piano.

"This proposal involves a lot of surprises," he said. "I want it to be romantic. I want it to be memorable. I want it to be majestic. And I wanted to show that I am worthy of her forgiveness."

Later, Steven cried and said it was "the greatest achievement" in his life to be able to propose to Alina, whom he called the love of his life. 

"Even though sometimes I didn't make the smartest decisions, I'm really glad that I can have this opportunity to show her how much I love her," he noted.

After playing his song for her, he popped the question. Alina accepted and cried happy tears.

"His proposal was amazing," she told cameras. "Like, now I see his real personality. I see how romantic he is and how serious he is about getting married. This is what I was hoping for for so long."

Still, the two are obviously still dealing with issues when it comes to religion. In a preview of next week's episode, Alina says she feels like Steven doesn't trust her after he tells her that he's worried that once she's back home, she won't want to be baptized anymore.

ET talked to Steven in September and he was unbothered by some viewers criticizing him for not living up to the standards of his religion but urging Alina to follow them.

"I think Jesus says it best, 'He who is among you without sin, let him first cast the stone,'" he said. "So many people have so many opinions, and that's just what they are -- just opinions. My own beliefs and my own opinions are my own, and I'm fortunate enough that I can have whatever opinions that I want to have."


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