'90 Day: The Last Resort': Jovi Calls Big Ed 'Pathetic' After He Cheated During a Therapy Exercise (Exclusive)

Watch Big Ed's fellow castmates call him out after he obviously cheats during a group therapy exercise.

A friendly competition during group therapy is causing some major tension in this exclusive clip from Monday's new episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort. In the clip, Big Ed is accused of cheating during an exercise where participants have to guide their partner through a trust-based obstacle course blindfolded. 

In the clip, Ed and fellow castmate Molly are blindfolded while their respective partners -- Liz and Kelly -- give them directions. The couples think it's a race to see who can finish first, but the therapists are focused on how well the couples can communicate with each another.  But when Ed weaves through the safety cones a little too fast, even Liz comments, "I think he can see." Asuelu, who's on the sidelines, also shouts, "Don't cheat, Big Ed!" 

It quickly becomes apparent that Ed can see since he goes through the course without Liz giving him any directions, prompting Liz to tell him, "You know you're not listening to anything I'm saying? ... Great teamwork, he can see the whole thing." Jovi, who has a history of bad blood with Ed when they met at a tell-all, also notes from the sidelines that Ed is clearly cheating. When Ed and Liz not surprisingly beat Molly and Kelly, Ed claims he just "studied the course," while Jovi calls him out for cheating when he's supposed to be taking therapy seriously. Even Liz is disappointed, telling him, "That's not teamwork. We can all tell that you can see."

Jovi tells cameras, "Ed cheated. ... It's actually pretty pathetic. He cheated in a therapy session."

90 Day: The Last Resort airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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