'90 Day Fiancé': Big Ed and Liz Address Marriage Rumors and Explain Why She Keeps Taking Him Back (Exclusive)

Liz also opened up to ET about what keeps her coming back to Big Ed after he dumped her multiple times.

It's been a long road for 90 Day Fiancé stars Big Ed and Liz. ET spoke with the couple about starring in the franchise's latest spinoff, 90 Day: The Last Resort, and they opened up about the status of their rocky relationship and why they keep getting back together.

Ed and Liz, who have a 28-year age difference, are one of the most controversial couples in the franchise due to their multiple breakups and his spats with fellow cast members. While Liz said she was "done" with Ed during the tell-all that aired in January after he lied about communicating with his ex, Rose, the two were obviously able to work it out. Liz told ET's Melicia Johnson that what keeps her coming back to Ed is that off camera, he definitely has a sweet side to him.

"Well, when I first met Ed we actually didn't really get along, but then during the pandemic when we met at the restaurant, our restaurant was just re-opening," she recalled. "And he didn't want to go home and then I was getting out of a very bad relationship. So then we would just kind of hang out and just talk for like a half hour after work every day. So I got to, like, get to know him. Not Big Ed -- I got to know Ed, his heart, how he is. And that's a side that people don't get to see. So, I just got to know about him and his family and his mom and he was so good with [my daughter] Riley. Riley would go to work with me almost every day during the pandemic because there's no childcare and no school and over time, he would just bring her, like, little toys and stickers. So that was when I kind of saw a different side to him. So we became friends and I just got to know his heart. Then when we started dating, he always made sure I was eating, he always made sure I had my coffee. I'd get off of work and he had my bubble bath ready every night, or, he, like, massaged my feet."

"I know Ed," she continued. "And I mean, it's been pretty rocky. But I also get to see, like, how his heart is. And it's not always just negative." 

Ed said going through therapy definitely opened his eyes to things.

"I haven't changed one thing about Liz I admire," she said. "She's never broken up with me. And she's never given up on me and I came out of, like, a 29-year, you know, not dating anybody. I didn't really know how to be a boyfriend and I went and started to get therapy, and the therapist mentioned 15 co-dependencies. I think I had 14 of them. But Liz really kind of, in a way trained me on how to, you know, become a boyfriend."

One important lesson he learned during his experience filming 90 Day: The Last Resort was that he had to fix his own issues before fixing his relationship. 90 Day: The Last Resort features 90 Day Fiancé couples who have reached breaking points undergoing a couples retreat to determine if they want to continue on with their relationships. 

"I'm realizing that in life, if you're not happy within yourself -- which I haven't been for a while -- you can't make the other person happy," he said.

During the show, the two underwent past life regression with a therapist, which is a method that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations. Ed said he learned he was "a circus performer that was thrown in a hole." 

"All I could see was this color green and I was ... I had no eyes, and I had to make people laugh for money, which is what I am today," he shared. "In order for me to get people to like me, you know, I'm a funny guy. Well, that worked opposite with Liz -- that actually pushed Liz away. She didn't like my humor and my funniness. She liked my heart, thank God. ... And I found out who my guardian angel was and it's my Grandpa Brown on my dad's side and I never, never knew 'cause I was never really close to him, so he's kind of the guy that keeps an eye on me and kicks me in the butt."

As for the current status of their relationship, the two are coy about rumors they're planning to tie the knot later in the month. But Ed said he would definitely want to televise their wedding, while Liz was more hesitant.

"It's kind of hard to say you want your privacy when your world is so out there," she said. "But yeah, I think it'd be great to show how far we've made it and at the same time, you lose a lot when you're giving yourself out to the world, you know?"

Ed added, "We're not doing it for the camera. We're doing it, you know, because we love and care for each other. I just want to keep living life and having a good time. There's a fun part of the fame that we get to enjoy, you know, so I want to kind of enjoy more of that and continue to build our lives together. You know, nothing rushed. It's one step at a time and we want to really make sure that our foundation is solid before we, you know, we take that step."

90 Day: The Last Resort premieres Aug. 14 on TLC.