Adam Levine Had a Bathroom Emergency While His Wife Was in Labor – And It’s Carson Daly’s Fault!

Adam Levine

Take Carson Daly’s advice with a grain of salt! When Adam Levine was preparing to welcome his first child – daughter, Dusty Rose – in September 2016, Levine sought advice from his Voice co-star, Carson Daly.

“Well, he’s got like 400 kids,” the singer joked of the father of three. “So, he said, ‘You have to eat something.’ And remember to eat because they say that a large percentage of new dads, when their wife is in labor, they will pass out because they forget to take care of themselves and nourish their bodies with food, and then they faint a lot of times. And I don't know if that's true or not. It sounded pretty official from the way he told me.

Taking Daly’s advice, Levine ordered lots of food from the Hollywood hotspot Craigs in preparation for the big event.

“Huge bag of food -- cheeseburgers and pizza and just comfort food,” he explained. “And I started going at it. What I discovered about myself was that I'm a nervous eater.”

Levine ate throughout the day as his wife, Behati Prinsloo, was going into labor. By the time they got to the hospital, he realized something was wrong.

“I’m basically bursting at the seams,” he explained. “I’m going to s**t my pants at some point. But also, my wife is in labor! So it’s the lamest thing to be when your wife is going to be having a baby and you’re like, ‘I’ve got to take a s**t.’ Like, that’s not in any way a viable complaint. So you’ve just got to keep it inside, literally and figuratively. And so I was like, ‘S**t, man.’ I was like, I’m just going to wait this out, because I could go to the bathroom and come back and the baby’s out and I’ve missed the whole thing. So it was brutal.”

Fortunately, the Maroon 5 frontman made it through the delivery of his daughter before rushing to the bathroom.

I waited, doubled over in pain, and finally the baby came and it was beautiful and it was amazing,” he said. “Then the second the coast was clear -- my wife is good, she’s healthy, everyone’s happy -- I took one of the nurses aside and I was like, ‘Look, you’ve got to find me a bathroom,’ and she’s like, ‘There’s one right here,’ and it was at, like, the foot of the bed.”

Levine and Prinsloo are currently awaiting the arrival of their second child, whom he said is coming, “Like any minute now, not any minute, but very close.”

For more from the couple, watch the clip below!


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