Alan Bersten Reveals How He's Helping Hannah Brown 'Believe in Herself' (Exclusive)

Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown at DWTS
Alan Bersten

The pro dancer is exclusively guest blogging about his 'DWTS' journey for ET this season.

Throughout the season, pro dancer Alan Bersten will be guest blogging about his experience on Dancing With the Stars with his celeb partner, Hannah Brown, for ET. This week, he discusses everything from their Aladdin-inspired Disney Night routine to what fans can expect from week six of the competition.

Hi, everyone! Did you enjoy Disney Night?

I was so excited when I learned that Hannah and I would be portraying Aladdin and Jasmine. I love Aladdin! Lindsay Arnold always calls me Aladdin anyway, so it was perfect.

To get into character, I kept quoting one of the most famous lines from the movie, "Do you trust me?" Like Aladdin, I feel like I'm pretty quick-witted and I'm super caring. (Yes, I looked up his qualities!) 

This week, we had the Foxtrot, and I think Hannah did so well with this dance! She was floating throughout the whole dance and really brought the dance to life! As for what was most challenging, the time constraint was the hardest aspect this week. We were filming the opening number in Disneyland, so we had less rehearsal time this week. 

Alan Bersten

Hannah is doing so well in this competition and is working so hard. Sometimes she doesn't believe in herself. It gets really hard, but I try my best to support her and really show her that she can do it, and she just has to believe in herself. I'm so proud of her. We do a lot of talking. I feel like our communication has gotten better as the weeks go on. I'm not going to lie, I suck at communicating, and I get extremely passionate when it comes to the dance, so it's good to sometimes take a second, talk out the problems and work them out together. 

Len mentioned this week that he wanted to see Hannah in frame more. Hannah has a great frame, and we have worked SO hard on it! I wanted this dance to feel like we were flying, and I guess Len didn't appreciate the arm movements. I can't argue with him -- he knows what he likes. I will definitely make sure to give him what he wants this week. 

On a positive note, I feel like the dance really showcased Hannah and did justice to the movie. I wanted to create a beautiful piece where Hannah could enjoy herself. I hope America liked it! All we can do is try harder next time!

Alan Bersten

We still got two 9s, which were our first 9s of the season. Honestly, it was a great reward for all the hard work Hannah and I have been putting in every day. I always tell my partners that I don't care about the score and I just want them to go out and enjoy the dance and really let all the hard work pay off. But I would be lying if I said I don't appreciate good feedback. 

I feel like the 10s are not going to come easy this season. Hannah and I are just going to keep working really hard, and I'm going to try and make the routines more appealing to Len. Going into week six, our strategy is to just keep on track and keep working hard. Everyone is doing so well! We're so proud to still be in the competition! 

I can tell you that there is no theme next Monday, but we're going to be country-esque, if that’s a word. (It totally isn't, hahaha.)

Alan Bersten

I would say that the most rewarding experience about the competition so far has honestly been all the feedback from the fans. It's been incredible. It's so nice to see how many people are enjoying our journey!! I can't thank the fans enough.  

A lot of you have been asking if Hannah could be joining be on the DWTS Live Tour… that would be awesome! Honestly, we're just thinking one week at a time right now! But I know Hannah would love the tour, it's so much fun!! 

Alan will be documenting his ballroom journey with Hannah all season long for ET. Got a question you want him to answer? Send them to ET's Desiree Murphy on Twitter or Instagram (@desireemurphy_) or in our Beyond the Ballroom Facebook group!