'Dancing With the Stars': Disney Week Shocks Viewers With Surprise Happy Ending -- See Who's Safe!

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Dancing With the Stars returned on Monday and the stars are paying tribute to the House of Mouse!

The nine couples still in the competition are taking to the DWTS stage with performances inspired by some of the most beloved animated classics and successful live-action films Disney has ever created.

As Judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli judge the performances -- and hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews add their own commentary to the competition -- ET is following along throughout the two-hour episode to break down all the best dances, most emotional moments and the most shocking scores.

The show kicks off on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and ET will be bringing you all the highlights in real time.

Who's Safe and Who's Going Home?

7:00 PM:

Everyone is safe!

Disney night ended on a happy ending when they revealed that no one is being eliminated. So... that was fun.

For whatever its worth, here's how the stars stand at the end of the night:

Ally & Sasha - 27
Kel & Witney - 26
James & Emma - 26
Hannah & Alan - 25
Sailor & Val - 24
Kate & Pasha - 24
Lauren & Gleb - 23
Karamo & Jenna - 21
Sean & Lindsay - 19

James Becomes Jack Sparrow for Epic Paso Doble

6:52 PM:

James and Emma keep setting the bar higher for themselves each week, but that just makes it harder and harder to clear.

This week, however, they are aiming deliver a routine unlike anything we've seen yet with a paso doble inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean.

Decked out like Jack Sparrow, James absolutely steal the spotlight with Emma, in a bold, beautiful and powerfully passionate performance filled with bombastic steps and incredible theatricality.

"That was insane!" Carrie Ann marveled. "The drama, the dynamics! The energy was off the charts... this was your dance."

Len said the dance was "dramatic and strong" with a "touch of aggression." He still had some critique, but concluded that it was "a really great routine and it was well done."

Bruno said that, for him, the dance was "a big hit."

It's also important to note that, between the judges' feedback, we found out that Emma has a pre-dance ritual where she always asks someone to slap her in the face before hitting the dance floor. What?!

Anyway, the pair earned two 9s from Carrie Ann and Bruno and an 8 from Len for a total of 26 out of 30, and earning them a spot in second place, tied with Kel and Witney.

Hannah and Alan Explore a Whole New World

6:41 PM:

Disney magic is definitely in the air for Hannah and Alan, as the pair deliver a truly stunning foxtrot set to the beautiful, romantic  Aladdin tune "A Whole New World."

Hannah is all smiles as she and Alan float above the clouds (or fog machine smoke) and are as graceful as a real magic carpet ride.

Bruno says it's "radiant and enchanting" but said he couldn't see the footwork because of the fog.

Carrie Ann says the number took her breath away.

Len calls Hannah a "lovely dancer" but saved his real critique for Alan's choreography, which is somewhat surprising.

Carrie Ann and Bruno award the pair 9s while Len shocks everyone with an unusually low 7, for a grand total of 25 out of 30.

Kel and Witney Go Back to High School

6:30 PM:

Kel is celebrating his roots as a theater kid with a jazz routine set to the Disney Channel classic High School Musical.

There's a whole lot of nostalgia going on with this number -- set to "We're All in This Together" -- and it's easy to understand why. It's fun, it's lively, it's modern.

Kel and Witney are probably dreading what Len is going to say. However, he actually seems to like it!

"That was a dance that really suited you. Well done," Len says, blowing my mind entirely.

Bruno and Carrie Ann also loved the routine, with the later calling it "high octane dancing."

Witney herself also says that Kel "brought it this week" and she's not wrong, if the scores are to be believed, this is Kel's best performance to date.

Carrie and Bruno give them 9s, while Len (shockingly) gives them an 8, for a total of 26 out of 30 and putting them in second place for the night.

Lauren and Gleb Samba Under the Sea

6:16 PM:

In her pre-taped package, we learn that Lauren's favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid, and how much she relates to Ariel.

"Ariel became a singer and I became a county singer, so we both beat the odds," Lauren reveals.

It's a sweet precursor to her and Gleb's super cute, very fun samba set to the film's iconic song "Under the Sea."

Rocking long, bright head hair -- while Gleb looks perfect as Prince Eric - the pair deliver a surprisingly racy (at least for her) number that she was slightly embarrassed about.

"What I love is you are still moving forward, you are still growing, it was wonderful," Carrie Ann shares.

Len said there was a lot of "unnecessary" bits and "too much going on" but conceded that she's "a really nice dancer."

Lauren tells the judges that the samba was "the hardest dance" she's had to do thus far, but both she and Gleb were overjoyed by their scores: 8s from Carrie Ann and Bruno and a 7 from Len for a total of 23 out of 30.

'Frozen 2' Gets It's Own Breakout Dance

6:11 PM:

The new pro, Daniella, performs a fun group number set to "Into the Unknown" from Frozen 2, for what is essentially a long ad for the animated sequel.

However, Danielle -- decked out as Elsa -- is fantastic. I wish she got to dance with an actual celeb this season. Same goes for Keo. But this is better than nothing.

"It's gonna be a hit," Erin predicts after the number, making a pretty safe bet.

Ally and Sasha Get Contemporary for Disney Night

6:04 PM:

Ally and Sasha deliver the first contemporary routine for Disney night, set to the classic tune "Beauty and the Beast" from the movie Mulan (just kidding. It's obviously from Robin Hood).

Donning Belle's iconic yellow gown Ally looks every bit a Disney princess, and Sasha -- decked out in Beast's iconic blue coat, is a charming beast indeed.

Aside from their beautiful contemporary routine, the other standout aspect of their number came in the set design, beautifully recreating the Beast's iconic ballroom on the stage.

Bruno describes the number as "one and a half minutes of absolute happiness."

Carrie Ann said it's clear she doesn't have any professional training, but she means it in a nice way, apparently.

Len says the dance was "smooth like butter on a hot muffin," and even praises the lifts. Len also likes "the emotion running through" the performance and calls it a "cracking routine."

For their efforts, Ally and Sasha got THE FIRST 9s OF THE SEASON! And not just one, but ALL 9s for a total of 27 out of 30 and placing them comfortably at the top of the leaderboard.

Sean and Lindsay Quickstep to 'Toy Story' Tune

5:51 PM:

For their Disney Night number, Sean and Lindsay don their most brightly colored cowboy costumes and  hit the stage for a quickstep set to a rendition of Randy Newman's "You've Got a Friend in Me," from Toy Story.

The number was easily Sean's best -- although, that's still relatively speaking -- and it was met with some surprised applause from the audience.

Len said "You've got a friend in me," -- which definitely won't come back to bite him later -- and congratulated Sean on actually adding some dance steps to his dance routine, which is the highest praise he's gotten thus far.

Bruno said "Clearly, Woody got you going" -- which sounded super inappropriate in Bruno's tone and delivery -- but he meant (apparently) that the dance inspired a solid performance.

Carrie Ann said it was Sean's best dance, and praised, "You really are dancing, Sean." That seems to be the general consensus: excitement that he didn't just stand on stage and let Lindsay dance around him.

For their efforts the pair earned their first ever 7 from Carrie Ann and then 6s from Bruno and Len for a total of 19 out of 30 -- easily their highest score of the night.

Kate and Pasha Jazz Up Mary Poppins

5:37 PM:

Kate is looking to redeem herself over what she felt was a lackluster Week 4 performance (even though it was great and the judges were wrong, but whatever).

So, this week, she and Pasha are set to do a jazz routine set to "A Spoonful of Sugar" from Mary Poppins. To get into character, the pair headed to Disneyland and had a bunch of sugary treats.

For their performance, Kate ups the ante in a big way. Decked out in a flawless Mary Poppins outfit, Kate is lowered onto the stage by wires to create the effect of flying down with her umbrella.

Then, she and Pasha -- dressed like Burt the chimney sweep -- absolutely slayed.

Carrie Ann said the number was "so well-rehearsed" and that they were "so in sync."

Then, Tom almost kills Carrie Ann by pulling on a bit of decoration that somehow topples the judge's chair and sends her tumbling to the floor, laughing. Kate is quick to help her Carrie, which might help with her scores.

Bruno and Len are also complimentary and Kate is so excited to talk about her amazing stage entrance, telling Erin "I've never been so high in my life."

The judges certainly love the routine, giving them all 8s, for a total of 24 out of 30.

Karamo and Jenna Get Fun and Fierce for 'Lion King' Samba

5:26 PM:

Karamo's Disney Night package focused on Karamo's role as a single father, and how The Lion King speaks volumes to him as  dad. The TV star and his two sons spent the afternoon at Disneyland and it was a sweet, wonderful way to gear up for his Lion King-inspired Samba with Jenna.

"My sons are my world, so I'm dedicating this song to them," Karamo shared, before taking the stage with Jenna for a super fun, animal-print filled samba set to "I Just Can't Wait to Be King."

Bruno says it was a "great performance" but that he needs more "elasticity."

Carrie Ann compliments Karamo for radiating positivity, but shared some constructive critics on his footwork that will hopefully help in future episodes.

Len says the performance was "just like Disney: it was fun and it was joyful."

Karamo had a hard time, keeping his tears back while talking with Erin Andrews after the feedback, explaining how emotional and happy he felt to have gotten a chance to perform in front of his sons.

It was a wonderfully sweet moment that kept going when the judges gave out their scores: 7s across the board, meaning the pair got 21 out of 30 -- one of their highest scores of the season thus far.

Sailor is Cinderella and Val Is a Total Prince

5:12 PM:

For their Disney-inspired number, Sailor and Val will be performing a Viennese waltz, and Sailor will be taking on the role of Cinderella for the number.

To get ready, she and Val headed out to Disneyland, where they met with the princess herself and took a horse-drawn carriage ride to the spinning tea-cups (to get ready for their Viennese waltz, which Val explains has "a lot of spinning).

The pair take to the stage looking every bit as elegant as you'd imagine, with Sailor in Cinderella's famous blue gown while and Val looking like a real prince as they perform the Viennese waltz to the classic Disney tune "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes."

While there are a few backup dancers posing as other guests at the iconic ball, Sailor and Val steal the spotlight, and own the stage with their delicate performance.

"What a lovely start to the night," Tom says, beaming, as Sailor's mom, Christie Brinkley, teared up in the audience.

"I thought it was light and fluffy like a souffle," Len marveled, as Bruno called her "the belle of the ball."

"This was a full-body performance," Carrie Ann shared. "That was an amazing dance."

After the dance, Sailor got emotional while explaining how Cinderella's story of finding her own voice and her confidence mirrors the freedom and strength Sailor herself has discovered since starting on her DWTS journey. It was a truly sweet moment that shows she's more then just a great dancer, but a great partner for Val as well.

For their efforts, Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno gave the pair 8s across the board for a total of 24 out of 30.

Magic On Mainstreet!

5:04 PM:

An opening number shot on Main Street at Disneyland, set to a medley of the most fun tunes from Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book? Yes, please!

The DWTS crew definitely upped the ante for this pre-taped, next-level opening number featuring the show's entire cast of pros, their celeb contestant partners, and some surprisingly talented costumed Disney characters.

This is a great way to kick off tonight's themed show! (Even if it is just a two-hour ad for Disneyland... but who cares?)

Here We Go, Away to the Magic Kingdom!

5:00 PM:

Disney Night is here and we couldn't be more excited! Will we get to see beauties and beasts and pirates and magic? We'll have to wait and see, but it looks like we've got an enchanting night ahead of us.

Here's a look back at where the stars who will be dancing tonight landed on the leaderboard last week:

Ally & Sasha - 32
Kel & Witney - 32
Hannah & Alan - 32
Lauren & Gleb - 32
Sailor & Val - 31
James & Emma - 28
Karamo & Jenna - 28
Kate & Pasha - 26
Sean & Lindsay - 21

Last week, fans had to say goodbye to former NBA star Lamar Odom and his pro partner, Peta Murgatroyd, who were eliminated after the judges had to choose between them and Queer Eye star Karamo Brown and his partner, Jenna Johnson.

Check out the video below for more on last week's surprising Dancing With the Stars.


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