Angelica Ross Accuses Emma Roberts of Making Transphobic Remark on 'American Horror Story' Set

The actress alleges her co-star made a transphobic remark while the two worked together on 'American Horror Story.'

The American Horror Story franchise finds itself entangled in controversy, as actress Angelica Ross has accused her former co-star, Emma Roberts, of making a transphobic remark during the filming of American Horror Story: 1984

Ross, known for her prominent role in the series, took to social media to voice her grievances against Roberts.

In an Instagram Live session archived on X (formerly known as Twitter), Ross disclosed her claims about Roberts, alleging that the 32-year-old actress had been a disruptive presence on set and claiming that she engaged in transphobic behavior. 

According to Ross, one incident allegedly occurred during a conversation involving herself, Roberts, and director John J. Gray. Ross claims that Roberts, in a semi-joking manner, complained to Gray about Ross' behavior.

Ross claims that Gray tried to diffuse the situation by saying, "OK, ladies, that’s enough. Let’s get back to work," to which Roberts allegedly replied, "Don’t you mean lady?" (implying that Ross, who identifies as trans, was not a woman).

Ross explained her hesitation in addressing the alleged situation at the time, stating, "My blood is boiling because I'm like, 'If I say something, it's going to be me that's the problem.' I know this because there was someone who spoke up about what she was doing, and they got repercussions from it. Not her, they did." 

Ross also claims that another incident took place, where Roberts allegedly mocked her voice, but went "several octaves" lower. 

Ross also took to social media to make it "absolutely clear" that she didn't appreciate jokes of violence toward Roberts, but wanted her to be "held accountable."

Ross revealed that Roberts did call her on Wednesday to apologize and recognized her "behavior was not that of an ally." 

In a video from 2019, Ross and her American Horror Story: 1984 co-stars -- Billie Lourd, Cody Fern and Gus Kenworthy -- hung out to watch the premiere without Roberts and called out alleged transphobia on set.

Ross also alleged this week that Roberts exhibited disruptive behavior on set, with Ross claiming that Roberts would engage in psychological games with her fellow actors. Ross claims that many of her colleagues were "irritated...almost every actor" due to Roberts' alleged actions. Ross also claims that Roberts attempted to assert her dominance on set by yelling at directors and comparing her salary to that of her co-stars.

Ross also shared alleged emails between herself and franchise creator Ryan Murphy about a scrapped Black women-led season of American Horror Story

"Remember your idea about a HORROR season starring black women? Well, I'm doing it. Not sure of the story yet, but we will start a writers room in the fall. Along with you, who are the four women I should get? I think you, Keke Palmer, Gabby [presumably Sidibe]...not sure of the fourth?" Murphy allegedly wrote in his initial email.

"YAAAAAASSSSS!" responded Ross, before sending a prospective list of actors, including Debbi Morgan, Lynn Whitfield, Alfre Woodard, Angela Bassett and more.


Ross then alleges she was "left on read" by Murphy soon after and the series never materialized.

ET has reached out to Roberts, Murphy and FX for comment. 

After garnering attention for her groundbreaking roles on Pose and American Horror Story, Ross made history with her Broadway debut, becoming the first openly transgender woman to play a leading role on Broadway when she took over as Roxie Hart in the long-running Chicago last September. 

Ross stepped into the iconic role for a limited, eight-week engagement through November 2022 while also following in the footsteps of notable film and TV stars to take on Roxie, including Pamela Anderson, Mel B, Christie Brinkley, Erika Jayne, Brandy Norwood, Melanie Griffith, Robin Givens and many, many more.