'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Spills Final Season Secrets and If Emily Bett Rickards Will Return (Exclusive)

'Arrow' is aiming for an action-packed and emotional final season!

Arrow is aiming for an action-packed and emotional final season!

ET sat down with the bow-wielding hero himself, Stephen Amell, at The CW's Summer TCA press tour in Los Angeles on Sunday, and he spilled exclusive secrets about the drama's eighth and final season, what he's hoping to steal from set and much more!

Amell revealed that he and Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti have been discussing the "Oliver's exit" from the series since "the middle of season six," but he's still in the dark about most of the episodic twists in season eight. 

"I've been excited every episode and every episode feels like a special episode," he explained. "Episode one feels like it's just an ode to season one and episode two really leans on season three, and episode three is just all about family. They all feel like they have a theme… But I actually don't know a great deal beyond episode 3 right now." 

The one thing the actor does know is that Arrow will have a happy ending.

"I love all series finales. I love Seinfeld, I like Lost," he revealed. "I think it's going to be happy because there is a resolution. That doesn't mean it won't be sad, but I personally believe it is a happy ending. It is for me."

Dean Buscher/The CW

Many fans (and reporters!) are curious to know if that "happy ending" will include the return of actress Emily Bett Rickards in her role as Felicity Smoak-Queen, but unfortunately Amell is not feeling optimistic about the chances of an Olicity reunion.

"Those aren't conversations the two of us have to have," Amell confessed. "I'm a fan of our show. I would love her to come back; as her friend, I respect whatever her decision is. I think probably not."

"She's one of my best friends and it's tough not having her there because Oliver's a dick sometimes and the levity of Emily's character was always there," he said. "I'm purposefully trying this year to not take scenes where I might be a little morose and because we always had the juxtaposition of Felicity... We don't have that this year." 

Amell added, "So, believe it or not, here's a scoop for you: I tell a joke or two this year. Yeah, [Oliver] tries to be humorous. It doesn't work. I heard a rumor that the character in the comics is sort of quick-witted and funny, so we're trying to incorporate that right before the show is done."

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Before the show is done, Amell promised that fans will be treated to the return of the salmon ladder. "Yeah in the premiere. There is a shirtless salmon ladder [scene] in the premiere," he said.

While Amell won't be taking the salmon ladder home, he does have special plans for which items he's like to take from set once the series has wrapped. "I want to take a suit," he said. "And when I say, 'I want to take a suit,' I mean I'm going to take a suit."

As for one of Oliver's bows? "Yeah, I have the bow from the pilot," Amell answered. "I have that. I'm not giving that back under any circumstances whatsoever. Oh, here's a scoop for you: One of the reasons they want me to give it back is because in season eight, Oliver is using his season one bow which magically appears because the Dark Archer broke it."

Season eight of Arrow premieres Tuesday, Oct. 15 on The CW.