What Keeps the Stars Going Thru Awards Season?


Awards season in Hollywood can seem like one mad dash to the finish line (i.e. the Oscars), so what gives stars the energy to attack the red carpet night after night? ET found out at the Golden Globes.

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Engaged couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell took to caffeinated beverages, as did Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston.

"Well, I had a coffee on the ride here and [Kristen] had a tea," said Shepard.

"So we are pumped!" Bell interjected.

"Oh yes!" Cranston said when asked if he drinks coffee. "I drink heavily!"

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Chris Tucker seemed to be on a natural high, turning the Weinstein after-party into a dance hall with ET's Brooke Anderson.

"That's Jungle Love," joked Tucker, referencing the song by the Steve Miller Band.

Kate Hudson's answer was simple: "I think it's just adrenaline."

As for ET, our red carpet runs on Dunkin'.