'Bachelor' Castoff Bri Barnes Reveals Which 'Bachelorette' Alum She's Crushing On (Exclusive)

The L.A.-based model also weighed in on Demi's behavior and Hannah B. and Caelynn's beauty queen feud.

Things didn't work out between Colton Underwood and Bri Barnes on The Bachelor... but there's a chance she could end up with another member of Bachelor Nation. 

ET's Lauren Zima sat down with the Bachelor castoff on Tuesday, where she rehashed her time on the show -- and revealed which Bachelorette alums have caught her eye. 

"I was always a huge fan of Wells [Adams]," Bri said, before noting the Bachelor in Paradise bartender is currently in a serious relationship with Modern Family star Sarah Hyland. "But there's so many others... I think everyone is so attractive." 

"I like Ben [Higgins]," she continued of the former Bachelor, "but I think he's also in a relationship." 

Coincidentally, Bri has been compared to Ben's Bachelor ex, Lauren Bushnell, which she and Lauren have joked about over Instagram. "We're going to be BFFs," she joked, before naming a single member of Bachelor Nation that she'd be interested in meeting. 

"Dean [Unglert]... Is he single?" she asked. The 27-year-old doesn't appear to be in a relationship, and recently visited Australia, so there might just be hope for him and Bri. The L.A.-based model famously exited the limo on Colton's season with an Australian accent, something she says she uses for fun while going out with friends. 

Though it didn't make the show, Bri told Colton shortly after her limo exit that her accent was fake, and while she earned a rose on night one, she was sent home on Monday's episode. "I think it's a matter of a connection. I don't know how he felt about me," she guessed of why she was eliminated. "And then I think it's also being comfortable on camera, that's like, huge."

Someone who's not afraid to open up on camera is Demi, who has gained attention for making comments about other women's ages, as well as her openness about trying to take Colton's virginity. 

"Everyone says that Demi is the villain, and seeing her interviews, I am a little bit shocked to hear some of the things she's saying... but I know it's all just in good fun," she said of Demi's behavior, adding that she and other contestants would go to the older women, Tracy and Elyse -- who dubbed themselves "Colton's cougars" for their four-plus year age difference with him -- for advice. "They were just kind of the moms of the house... I think [Demi] does it for fun, she does it to stand out, get that attention on TV. It's all about getting the good air time, [and] I think [she was interested in that]. Let's be honest." 

Bri's convinced that underneath it all, Demi's "just a fun personality." She still doesn't know what to think, however, about Hannah B. and Caelynn's beauty queen feud. The pair -- who were friends while competing in Miss USA -- were seen calling each other manipulative in front of Colton on Monday's episode, with no real evidence of what caused their falling out. 

"I wish I knew more, honestly," Bri said. "They were friends for a bit. I think Hannah might have known that Caelynn was going on the show, so it was looked down upon. But she ended up going on, and I don't know... [it's a] small world that they both ended up on the same season. I feel like that was planned [by producers]." 

Weeks after Colton's season wrapped, Bri still doesn't know what went down between Hannah B. and Caelynn, whom she calls "both really sweet girls." 

"I can't really choose [a side]," she explained. "I feel like we're hearing a lot of Caelynn's story, [but not Hannah B.'s]... I feel like maybe we're not getting the whole story." 

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