'The Bachelor': Colton Underwood Storms Off to the Control Room Over Insane Beauty Queen Drama

The 26-year-old former football star doesn't know who to believe.

Is this Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, or Miss USA 2019? 

Either way, we're grateful for the drama on week three of Colton's journey to find love. ET live blogged Monday night's episode, which was full of both romance and shenanigans, with our possible new villain not even getting that much screen time. 

While Demi ruffled some feathers on last week's episode, this week, it was all about Hannah B. and Caelynn's beauty queen drama. It was all she said-she said, and Colton just about had enough of it. 

"I can understand why everyone got upset. But everyone's a villain!" Bachelor alum Wells Adams recently told ET. "You've got Demi, the girl with a dog [Catherine], and then you've got the beauty queens [Hannah B. and Caelynn] and someone's a villain. They might both be villains!"

See how it all went down below: 



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