'Bachelor in Paradise' Bartender Wells Adams Reveals 13 Things We Didn't See on TV (Exclusive)


From Leo's antics to Kevin and Astrid's shocking breakup, here's what fans missed.

The  Bachelor in Paradise season finale is almost here, and though we've spent 10 episodes and 21 hours with our beloved Bachelor castoffs, there was surprisingly even more footage that didn't make it to air. 

Paradise bartender Wells Adams dropped by for Roses and Rose Live with ET's Lauren Zima on Tuesday, where he dished on what was left on the cutting room floor -- and revealed that this season was actually cut short by about a week. 

From Leo's "inauthentic" antics to Robby's late arrival to Kevin and Astrid's shocking breakup, here's what Wells says fans were missing out on:

Paradise Filming Was Cut Short 

Turns out the cast's shocked reactions were genuine when host Chris Harrison revealed that Paradise was coming to an end. "We all thought we were going to do another week. And I don’t know if it was because they knew they had enough stuff, or they wanted to keep everyone on their toes, but everyone was expecting a little bit longer," Wells said, adding that the shortened time in Paradise likely had an impact on the fate of at least one relationship. 

"The one thing you have to expect every week is that you don’t know what to expect," he continued. "I think it screwed with people’s minds and timelines, I think it probably really messed with Kevin and Astrid. I think Kevin probably wanted another week and didn’t get it and kind of freaked out.”

Leo Did Even More Crazy Stuff You Didn't See on TV 

"Leo came in there and he was wanting to mix it up, and it was so inauthentic," Wells said of Leo's headline-making antics this season, revealing his doubts that producers had anything to do with persuading his behavior. "I think he was acting and I don't think he's gonna get a whole lot of work in this town, because I don't think he was doing a very good job of it." 

Amid the things they didn't show on TV was Leo's reaction to Kevin and Astrid's "Netflix and chill" date, when Kevin presented her with a TV made of sticks so they could watch the sunset. "Leo went over and grabbed the TV and threw it in the sand and was like, 'Snitches don't get to watch TV!' ... The whole thing was super forced." 

Fans will remember Leo's feud with Kevin after Kevin told Kendall that Leo kissed Chelsea -- but the stuntman also had a notable (and physical) fight with Grocery Store Joe. Wells remembers the fight a bit differently from how it played out on TV, claiming that Joe pushed Leo after Leo called him "Grocery Store B**ch." 

"I think that was the moment when Leo realized, ‘Oh, this… is real.’ And then he was just like, ‘Ah!’ [and threw his drink]. It was like, ‘Oh my god.’ All of the sudden, he became, like, not 6’5” and Jason Momoa, but was like, ‘Oh god, this is a real thing,' and that’s when Eddie the producer, who played football ... came in and tackled him," Wells recalled. "I was like, ‘I’d watch this fight. I’d pay for this on pay-per-view.” 

The Cast Talked Before the Show 

Kendall's feelings for Leo seemed to confuse fans to begin with, especially when she said they'd make a better match in the real world than her and Grocery Store Joe. 

"[Kendall and Leo] had talked before the show, from what I understood," Wells expressed. "In Kendall’s defense, everyone talks before the show. And as you should, because the odds of really finding someone to get engaged are pretty small if you don’t know anybody, so if you have the opportunity to kind of feel people out beforehand, it’s a good idea. It is 28 days, it’s quick. And they cut this one short."

Robby Hayes Wasn't Supposed to Show Up That Late 

Robby's arrival right before fantasy suites seemed a little weird, especially since pretty much everyone was already coupled up. According to Wells, however, he was supposed to have another day in Paradise

"Robby almost didn’t show up. He missed his flight to get there," he said. "I do love Robby. I don’t know if I’ve ever gone to an event or had to have been somewhere that he’s made his flight. He’s always missed it. He is that guy."

"So he was, like, a day late. So we were supposed to get more of the Robby-Jordan thing, I think. And I remember the producers being like, ‘Robby! Got us again!’" Wells added, explaining that his late arrival prompted producers to "lean toward the comedy of it" with his face-off with Jordan. 

Wells and Chris Spent Their Days in Paradise a Little Differently From the Cast 

While the Paradise hopefuls are hanging out on the beach trying to find love, Chris Harrison is living his best life like the boss that he is. "He sits backstage, or whatever you want to call it, in an air-conditioned room," Wells revealed, adding that he can pull off wearing a jacket in Mexico's high temperatures because he's earned a little AC. "Whenever they need him, they’re like, 'Put on your jacket, hit your mark. Say this is the final rose of the night, cash your check and go home.'"

Chris, however, shoots a lot more than what makes it to air. "Chris is always upset about the lack of Chris on the show, and I can now relate to it because I got cut out of the show a lot too," Wells said, describing a funny moment where he makes Chris a drink. "We need more Chris Harrison."

Wells, meanwhile, spends much of his days with the cast. "I'm there a lot. They were really nice this year of [saying], ‘You can you go home if you want.’ But… I  want to see what happens. Because I’m watching the show, I’m just watching it live," he explained. 

"I was there a long time, but a lot of times, they’d be like, ‘Hey, we don’t need you until, like, three, so I’d go in at three, and if I came in the afternoon, that’d mean I was there until, like, four in the morning, or two. Like, really late. And then if I was there in the morning, then I’d usually bail around six or seven," he dished. "So it was usually around an eight or a 10-hour day."

Yuki Was Supposed to Be in Training to Take Over for Wells 

As for Yuki, her appearance this season was also supposed to be a little more involved than sparse commentary. The Bachelor Winter Games star was supposed to be in training with Wells to take over as bartender. "We realized pretty early that that was never going to be a possibility," Wells conceded. 

"Either she’s completely fluent in English and it’s just, like, the best con in the world, or yeah, she just doesn’t know. I don’t know if she cares to learn English," he added. "This shtick is good."

Apprarently, More Hooking Up Happened Than What We Saw 

While this season appeared to have more daytime love declarations and less nighttime hookups, Wells thinks otherwise. 

"I think there were a lot of hookups. I think that they had so much stuff [to air]. Like, that was one thing that I do remember, people talking about like, there was so much content, especially compared to last year, where we had to, like, rush to finish the show in 10 days," he said. "I think they had so much content and not enough, like, hours of TV to put it on."

But Kevin's Breakup With Astrid Really Did Come Out of Nowhere

The Paradise bartender thinks Kevin is suffering from Bachelor PTSD, and that's what forced his shocking decision to end things with Astrid. "[His ex, Ashley Iaconetti, gets engaged] right in front of his eyes. He was on Bachelorette Canada, and he got engaged there," Wells argued. 

"In my mind, I'm thinking, 'What are you doing? This is the hottest chick you are ever going to get,'" he said of the split that aired on Monday night's episode. "Astrid was just hurt. She was like, ‘What happened?’ I think everyone assumed that was the fantasy suite No. 1 couple.” 

Another big confusion for Wells was Eric's breakup with Angela earlier in the season after the pair was seemingly "all in." "There are people that are really good at giving you advice and terrible at taking their own, and he is that guy," he said, before giving his take on another couple that appeared to not be on the same page: Annaliese and Kamil. 

"In Annaliese’s defense, Kamil was leading her on. … I think her beliefs are rooted in a little bit of truth, he is saying the right things to her, and he had so many outs and he didn’t take them," Wells revealed. "Did he just want to stick around on TV as much as [he could]? I kind of believe that."

People Stay in Relationships for a Reason You Didn't Know 

Kamil isn't the only one who might have shady intentions for staying in a Paradise relationship. While airtime and Instagram followers are both possible motives for Bachelor in Paradise cast members seeing how long they can make it last, Wells offered a much more simple suggestion. 

"It’s a free vacation. Once you get settled into the cameras following you around, it’s a free vacation with really good food and funny people," he offered. "It’s so much fun to experience all of it; it’s adult summer camp."

Grocery Store Joe Is Just as Amazing as You Think 

There's one guy that Wells just can't knock, and that's Grocery Store Joe. "There’s a lot of people that walk into that place and sit at my bar, and for lack of a better term, they’re not there for the right reasons," Wells recalled. "Joe is the most authentic. … that’s why I loved Joe. He was the most real guy there, and that was why I really wanted him to be the Bachelor. I think it would be a really authentic experience because he really probably should not be the Bachelor."

"I think Joe is too good for everybody. That's how I feel about Joe," he added. 

Colton Underwood, of course, went on to become the Bachelor, while fans watched Joe's breakup with Kendall on Monday night's episode of Paradise. "To me, it never seemed like Kendall was all-in with Joe, and Joe was always 100 percent in. He was so patient with her, and there were a couple of times I wanted to shake him and say, ‘Joe, the problem is she doesn’t feel challenged by you!’" Wells explained, later revealing that the Chicago grocer left without saying goodbye to anybody. "He was that upset." 

There's One Drink of Choice for the Cast: Tequila 

Wells took bartending classes for his second round behind the bar, where he said he learned "all the crazy, fruity drinks that would be perfect for Paradise." Unfortunately, he didn't exactly get to put those skills to use. "I get there, and people only drink the same drink, which is tequila and soda...everyone is terrified of sugars, carbs and anything that makes their abs not perfect. That’s yet another reason I love Joe -- he was the only guy who was like, ‘I want a beer!’” 

"Everyone really liked the Jorge special, a drink Jorge taught me last year," Wells added. "And Tequila Sunrises were a big thing." 

A Full Spanish Lesson Was Cut 

While Wells learned a thing or two from Jorge, the cast supposedly learned some Spanish -- but wasn't very good at it. 

"We did this whole, like, Spanish quiz for a date that they cut completely. It was actually really funny… The guy who won it was Jordan, the kiwi, who doesn’t know any Spanish, so like, of course, all dumb Americans," Wells joked, revealing that the clip might make its way to the internet. "That's how [Jordan] got the date with Cassandra on the beach." 

We'll See a Fantasy Suite Moment That Made Wells Cry 

A Paradise first for Wells was getting to watch this year's final couples decide whether to take the next step and get engaged. (And judging by the promos, we might have a couple of proposals this year.) 

"There’s one moment where I actually cried," Wells teased of the moment, which will air on Tuesday's finale. "[It's] the one time I’ve actually cried during The Bachelor."

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The season five finale of Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.