'Bachelor in Paradise' Cast Reacts to Kamil’s Savage Breakup With Annaliese (Exclusive)

Bibiana, Kenny, Grocery Store Joe and Venmo John were none too pleased with Kamil.

The Bachelor in Paradise cast is not happy with Kamil. 

The real estate agent and model seemed to cruise through this season without making too many waves, but that all changed on Tuesday's season five finale of the Bachelor spinoff. All seemed fine and dandy between him and Annaliese during the episode, as he decided against the engagement she wanted to badly but rather to continue exploring their romance in the real world. 

They seemed serious, and when she arrived at the reunion show, Annaliese revealed that they were "in a good spot." Then Kamil came out and broke up with her. Annaliese, clearly blindsided, ran backstage and burst into tears, with the cast later huddling around to support her. Some cast members -- including Bibiana, Astrid and Tia -- couldn't hide their shock and disappointment during the show, but they all had something to say about it afterward. 

"Oh, my gosh, how bad was that?" Bibiana asked ET's Lauren Zima at the taping. "I just think, like, where are your morals? Where do you stand as a person? For you to do that and just like, drag that relationship right up to that point, that takes a lot." 

"For someone who has it in him to do something like that, it's better that he does something now like that than in the future," she reasoned. "Just to think that he led her on and allowed her to make plans after this, yeah, some questionable things, but I don't think he's the brightest tool in the shed."

Venmo John couldn't believe what he was seeing. "I was just cringing through all of that. I remember looking up, and I'm, like, biting my fist. I was like, 'Don't do this, don't do this,' and he kept dragging it out and dragging it out. Then you look over at Annaliese, and she's like, breaking down internally," he said. "I think he could have handled it so much better. All he needed was to have a conversation even two days prior, and for some reason, he had to wait and do this in front of everybody watching. That was painful to watch." 

Kamil's excuse, of course, was that he hadn't seen Annaliese, and wanted to break up with her in person... on national television. "I wish he would have did it off-camera, but I feel like he was dying to say it," Grocery Store Joe told ET. "So, I mean, he probably should have just said it a while ago, when he really felt it. But I don't know."

Kenny, who briefly romanced Annaliese this season, said it hurt him to see her betrayed like that. "Right before that was all said, we were talking and she said, 'I am so excited to see Kamil!'" he revealed. "I don't know Kamil, and it's not my job to sit here and judge him on what he does and his choices, but I would just say that maybe if you were to watch this, maybe you would realize that there was a better way to do that. She's just too good of a girl to have gone through that, and I really feel bad for her."

"You always have a choice," he continued. "When it comes to this thing, when it comes to love and someone and your heart is involved -- the only thing that you owe the person is the truth. I don't know how much truth he gave her."

Annaliese and Kamil's devastating breakup definitely put a damper on things, but we also got two engaged couples out of Paradise this season (or at least one). Chris and Krystal and Jenna and Jordan got engaged during the episode, and happily gave updates on their relationships. It was hours before the episode aired, however, and weeks after the reunion show was filmed, that a report surfaced accusing Jenna of cheating on Jordan. 

"Jordan is shocked by the report," a source told ET. "They were long-distance and a few things had raised his suspicions early on, but he moved forward. It's a really strange spot for him to be in; they just spent time together recently. Frankly, he's disgusted." 

A source close to Jenna, meanwhile, said that "she's just feeling very confused on what to do from here." 

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