'Bachelor in Paradise': Kamil Brutally Dumps Annaliese, Plus Other Reunion Show Shockers


Hold up!

Not cool, Kamil! 

While we weren't surprised that Kamil didn't propose to Annaliese during Tuesday's season five finale of Bachelor in Paradise, we most certainly did not see the pair's breakup coming on the reunion show. 

The real estate agent and model brutally dumped Annaliese during the reunion in a move we haven't seen since Luke Pell's awkward ghosting of Stassi on Bachelor Winter Games or Arie Luyendyk Jr. blindsiding Becca Kufrin with the reveal that he wanted to date his runner-up, Lauren Burnham, on The Bachelor (so, really, it's only been a few months). 

But Kamil wasn't the only one making moves in the Paradise reunion. See the night's biggest shockers below. 

Tia and Colton Are Actually on the Same Page 

Well, we'd hope so, considering he's the next Bachelor

"Despite all of the crying and everything that happened, I think it was worth it to get to this point where we tried and know it doesn't work," Tia said during the taping. 

"She's an incredible woman," Colton replied. "We are on the same page, and we will be friends."

Kevin and Astrid Give It Another Go

Kevin's shocking breakup with Astrid on Monday night's episode didn't leave us with much hope for a reconciliation, but they proved us wrong! "We care about each other, but the trust is broken," Astrid told Chris Harrison before Kevin took the stage to reveal his regret. 

"It didn't really become clear to me until I went home... I realized it was my own fault and my own baggage. I brought baggage to Paradise, and she got blamed for it," Kevin confessed. "I still love her, and I'm just hoping that we can progress." 

"I am [in love with him too]," Astrid confirmed. 

Grocery Store Joe Gets Back With Kendall

Another shocking reconciliation came from Joe and Kendall, after the blonde beauty realized her mistake for ending things on Monday's episode. Viewers were treated to a clip of Kendall trying to win the Chicago-based grocer back -- and it worked. 

"It was a lot, because I was already starting to shut her out of my life... We went to dinner in Chicago after. And then I went out to L.A. a couple times, and it's good. She really makes me laugh," Joe revealed. "I love her... I like waking up next to her." 

"We're in a good spot. She's my girlfriend, that's what it is," he added, as Kendall said, "I'm not letting him get away again." 

And Joins Dancing With the Stars 

One issue that remains, however is Joe and Kendall's long-distance relationship, which Chris Harrison graciously offered to remedy by offering him a spot on Dancing With the Stars

"I can't dance!" Joe exclaimed, but accepted the offer. 

Jordan and Jenna Set a Wedding Date

While the two are battling cheating reports in the real world, they couldn't have appeared to be stronger on the reunion, and even revealed their wedding date. 

"What do you think about next year, June 9th, [will] you officiate this wedding?" Jordan asked Chris Harrison, who graciously accepted. 

Kamil Dumps Annaliese

Live breakups are just not the way to go, especially when you've already booked an Airbnb to spend the week with your significant other in Los Angeles. Kamil clearly didn't get the memo, however, as he blindsided Annaliese during the taping. 

"We're in a good spot," Annaliese heartbreakingly gushed to Chris Harrison of her and Kamil's relationship before he arrived to deliver the bad news. 

"I know Annaliese is ready for a guy to get down on one knee right now and get engaged, and you deserve the best, and I think I might not be the guy for you," he said, as Annaliese's face fell. "I just feel like I kind of lost that spark we had in Paradise after leaving and experiencing it in the real world." 

"I don't want to string you along and pretend we have something special still. It's just not working out for me, and I think it's just best to slowly part ways," he continued. 

Annaliese, clearly in shock, then left the stage in tears -- but returned to confront Kamil. "I literally tried to break up with you two weeks ago," she yelled, as Tia hilariously uttered, "Yes, b**ch, yes," under her breath. 

"You're sitting here breaking up with me in front of everyone!" Annaliese continued, before Chris Harrison asked Kamil to leave the stage and the cast got out of their seats to comfort Annaliese. 

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