'Bachelor in Paradise' Stars Joe and Kendall Are Back Together! Here's Why They Reconciled (Exclusive)

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Tuesday's Bachelor in Paradise season five finale was all about second chances for Kendall Long. 

Monday night's episode saw Kendall's heartbreaking breakup with Grocery Store Joe, only for her to realize her mistake seemingly minutes later. On Tuesday's episode, Kendall traveled to Chicago to tell Joe that she loved him. The grocer still had feelings for Kendall, and they agreed to give their romance another shot. 

"I'm very happy about it. She's an amazing person and it's new, it's fun," Joe told ET's Lauren Zima after the taping. "I think it was just spending time with each other, especially off-camera, and learning more about each other [that brought us back together]. There's only so much you can learn in Paradise, and we were worried; is it really going to work outside? And it just kept working. So why not, you know?"

"Joe and I are very opposite, and I think that's probably what I love about him," Kendall said. "He's such a goofy guy, and on Paradise, although it's very serious, there's a lot of drama happening, I think Joe and I connected because we were able to just, like, laugh at all the weird crazy things that were happening. I mean, it almost felt like we kept each other sane by acting insane."

In fact, Joe said he can even find the humor in their disagreements. "I love when she gets mad. It's so funny," he revealed. "It makes me laugh. She puts that face on and it's funny."

Tuesday's episode also marked the couple's reunion with Leo, who put a wrench is Joe and Kendall's relationship and accused her of being "fake." 

"Leo and I have been through a lot with Paradise, and I think everyone's going to be able to kind of see just, like, how he's changed as a person because of everything that he's been through," Kendall explained of where she and Leo stand now. "He's had to go through so much these past couple months, and I think he's just a conflicted person, and it was actually nice to be able to hear what he had to say at the reunion." 

For Joe, who got into a physical fight with Leo after he called him "Grocery Store B**ch," it's also water under the bridge. "I have no issues with Leo," he told ET. "I wish him well."

What did you think of the reunion? And will Kendall and Joe make it work? Tell us at ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here. 


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