'Bachelor in Paradise': Tayshia Adams Explains Her Breakup With John Paul Jones (Exclusive)

Is there a chance the pair could reconcile?

Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones were the most adorably unexpected couple of Bachelor in Paradise this season -- but their relationship came to an explosive end on Tuesday night's episode. 

Just after JPJ had thrown her an adorable Paradise prom and professed his love, Adams told him she couldn't see them working long-term. She cut things off, then ran after him on the beach for one last emotional goodbye. 

Adams told ET's Lauren Zima at Paradise's season six finale taping -- set to air on Tuesday -- that she felt mixed emotions that day. "Honestly, I felt like I'd made a really big mistake letting someone go that genuinely cared about me, but also I knew that my heart wasn't there, so I didn't wanna lead him on or anything," she explained. 

John Paul Jones had been clear about his affection for Adams and how much he could see a future together. He said Adams pulling the plug on their relationship so suddenly made him "question everything." 

"It was very difficult in that moment," he confessed. "I was very skeptical of going to Paradise to begin with, and I just didn't have a great experience romantically on The Bachelorette, so it really just kinda questioned the authenticity of everything."

JPJ became a fan favorite on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette for his love of chicken nuggets and happy-go-lucky attitude. A few of those cute moments made their way to Paradise, but so did another side of the 24-year-old. Viewers -- and Adams -- saw JPJ start a bombshell fight with Derek Peth, accusing him of taking advantage of women and hooking up with podcast fans. The fight was sparked by Adams' budding connection with Peth, which didn't make JPJ happy. 

"I hadn't seen that side of John before... and then for Derek as well, they were really in each other's faces. Honestly, it was really unattractive and at that point I didn't really know what I wanted, whether it be one or the other or neither of them at all," Adams told ET. 

But could Adams and JPJ reconcile? We'll find out at Bachelor in Paradise's big finale, airing Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 

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