'Bachelor in Paradise': Tia Booth is Ready to 'Move On' With Colton Underwood (Exclusive)

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Tia Booth is ready to move past the drama.

ET’s Lauren Zima spoke with the Bachelor fan favorite as filming began on Bachelor in Paradise, where she revealed where things stand between her and Colton Underwood, after she declared her feelings for him on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette.

“I feel like me and Colton are just a big question mark, because we haven’t gotten to have that conversation about where we stand, about how he feels about me,” Tia shared. “I don’t know how he feels about Becca and if he’s still heartbroken.”

Viewers saw Colton’s heartbreaking exit on The Bachelorette earlier this month, after confessing to Becca that he was in love with her on his hometown date. When Becca got back to L.A., Tia, who had a brief relationship with Colton before Becca’s season, admitted that she still had feelings for him.

“I think the conversation definitely needs to happen,” Tia said. “There have been times that I’ve wondered, ‘OK, was he interested in me being the Bachelorette and he wanted to get to know me first before he was on my season?’”

“I try not to think too much into it, but I’m interested to talk to him and just see where we stand,” she added.

One thing’s for sure -- Tia’s ready to have that conversation.

“It just needs to happen and move on,” she declared, dishing that she can see a few dates in their future. “If we're both feelin' it, yeah, we could go on a date.”

While Tia was optimistic about her reunion with Colton, Paradise promos have shown the pair in tears.

“Some things happen that I wasn't expecting to happen," Colton confessed at The Bachelorette: Men Tell All taping earlier this month. "It was very emotional."

"I'm not mad at Tia [for telling Becca she still had feelings for me], because that's how she felt and I'm proud that she risked her friendship with Becca to come back and talk and speak her truth," he said. "But I am frustrated, and I am a little confused, because the last that I saw of Tia was at the spa date, when we all were on the same page and she was wishing me well on my journey. It just didn't play out the way that I thought it was going to play out."

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The season finale of The Bachelorette airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, Aug. 7. 


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