Bad Bunny Releases Kobe Bryant Tribute Song '6 Rings'

Bad Bunny has penned a song in honor of the late Kobe Bryant.

Bad Bunny has penned a song in honor of the late Kobe Bryant.

The 25-year-old singer released the two-minute song on Tuesday, titled "6 Rings." The title is in reference to the five NBA championship rings Bryant won as part of the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as his wedding ring to his wife, Vanessa.

Bryant died in a helicopter crash on Sunday morning alongside eight other passengers, including his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna. He was 41 years old.

The Spanish lyrics read in part, "You won six rings, five with the NBA and one in a marriage that gave you your daughters/ Thinking that one of them left with you, got me outta control/ But nah, it's so you don't play ball alone in heaven."

"Black Mamba forever," he also sings. "Forever we'll remember you."

The beginning of the track contains exciting sports commentary from Bryant's legendary 2006 game against the Toronto Raptors, in which he scored 81 points. It ends with audio of Bryant himself thanking fans after his final NBA game in 2016, as the crowd chants "Kobe."

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you. And what can I say? Mamba out," Bryant said.

On Sunday, Bad Bunny Instagrammed about Bryant's death.

“I would never have imagined that this would hurt me so much!" he wrote in Spanish. "I still remember the first time I saw a basketball game, at age 7 with my dad, and it was a game of this genius. From that day on he became my favorite player forever!! I have never mentioned it because it does not necessarily have to do with music, but this man has been an inspiration in many ways for me to be what I am today.”

For more on how Bryant's celebrity friends and fans have been honoring him after his sudden and shocking death, watch the video below:


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