Becky G Reflects on Her Growing Empire and Dream Success (Exclusive)

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Becky G has had an incredible year!

From performing at Madison Square Garden for the first time, to winning two Latin American Music Awards, to breaking another billion views on YouTube for her sultry single "Sin Pijama," the 21-year-old performer is on top of the world. But's it's been a longtime coming for Becky, whose been working to make her dreams comes true since she was a little girl.

"Looking back, even going back to the 9-year-old Becky and starting off with this dream, of course you wish for moments like this," the "Mayores" singer told ET's Deidre Behar at the Pandora Presents El Pulso at Academy Nightclub in Hollywood last week. "You pray for moments like this, you dream about moments like this, and then when they come -- even though you prepare for these moments and you envision them so many times -- you're never ready."

"It doesn't take away from how special those moments are, and I feel like every moment has been so pivotal for me to learn whether it was good or it was bad," she continued. "Everything in life is like the yin and yang factor. There's a negative and there's a positive. Everything that has happened, even in this year itself, has really taught me so much and really shaped me to be the woman that I am standing in front of you. It makes me really proud. It's very rewarding more than anything."

Becky G Pandora Presents El Pulso
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Pandora

This year has not only been a successful one in terms of Becky's career, but personally as well, as she said she's learned about "self-value."

"We are so influenced and peer pressured into doing things to be cool or to be in the know, and if there's one piece of advice that I can give the youth or even to people my age, [is know your] self-value," she expressed. "Know your worth and do what makes you happy, because the truth is not everyone is going to like you and you can't please everyone. But as long as you are focusing on yourself and happiness, that's all you really can do."

The sky is the limit for the Power Rangers star, who recently launched a makeup collaboration with ColourPop called Salvaje. "Ever since I was a very, very young girl, my mom was never the type of mom that was like, 'No! Don't play with makeup! You're still a little girl!'" Becky explained. "My mom was, like, 'Aver! Aprende! Let's see what happens!' And makeup was always a form of expression and I always admired how people used it whether it was to enhance natural beauty or play a character for a night out on the town."

As a performer, Becky explained how for many years she would go on tour without a makeup artist and would do her own stage makeup. "Makeup was always one of those things for me, and now having this collaboration with Colourpop and naming it Salvaje, which is savage in English, [is a] real representation of a part of me," she shared, adding that she hopes that fans who wear the products feel "empowered, sexy, happy and pretty."

As for what's next on her wish list, there are many. The brunette beauty hopes that in 2019 she'll release an album and start touring.  

"We have the music! There's no doubt that we have the music. I feel like I have enough music to release, I don't know, 10 albums now," she shared. "I think we have something special and I think very soon we'll have something out."

"I have many different ideas," Becky continued. "I have evolved and grownup…There's been so much I've gone through -- even behind closed doors, behind the scenes, behind the cameras -- that nobody would've even expected. Nobody would have even known because they're like, 'Becky's always happy! She's always smiling! She's always with it!' And it's like, No! I've grown up. I've really experienced life firsthand, especially growing up in the industry like the one that I've grown up in. Stuff happens and it inspires things within you, and I think whatever it is that I release, whether it's this upcoming year or soon in the future, it would be something straight from the heart."

See more of ET's interview with Becky in the video below.

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