'Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Daisy, Gary and Colin on Where They Stand After Love Triangle Drama

Daisy, Gary and Colin were embroiled in a love triangle during the latest season of the show.

Daisy Kelliher, Gary King and Colin MacRae are opening up about the status of their love triangle. During part two of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion on Tuesday, the trio shared what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on season 4.

"We explored something together," Colin said of himself and Daisy. "The first time I saw her again was at the Newport boat show, I flew her over from the U.K. to come see me; that was really good. Then, there was a couple of other things that we did. We spent a week together in Mexico, I flew to New York to see her. We were kinda bouncing around together for a little while."

Things, however, eventually "turned a little toxic," according to Colin.

"You can't reason with this woman," he said, "and I realized that and I ended things with her."

Daisy had a different view of the situation. Though she admitted that she and Colin "triggered each other," she claimed that her ex was "missing the whole point of why it really turned badly."

"When I found out he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend in April, I was like, 'OK, great!' Not great, because they broke up; great, because possibly something could happen between Colin and I. We knew we liked each other, we could feel it," she said. "So, I returned to the boat and I find out that he has been sleeping with someone that he's working with. So, I immediately retreat. I put up all of my walls. This is nothing that gets shown. Nothing that's aired."

As such, Daisy admitted that she became "very defensive," but called out Colin for making her "feel incredibly guilty" about her long-running flirtation with Gary.

"Throughout the year, I asked about this woman, and I asked why it was different with me and Gary and not this woman? And he said, 'The difference is, I am telling you, there is nothing between me and this woman. That there is no future; even if you and I break up, there is no future,'" she claimed. "So, then to find out from my crew members a couple of months after we had broken up, that he was now in a serious relationship with this woman, it was very shocking for me to hear. Very hurtful. And, the toxicity was always there because the trust was never there."

Colin and Daisy went on to reveal that they first got together before the season. While Colin claimed Gary was "stoked" about the then-budding relationship, Colin said that, at the time, he didn't know about Daisy and Gary's history.

As for why they kept their pre-season kisses under wraps, Daisy explained, "I A) wasn't trying to start a relationship. I wasn't like, 'I kissed this guy three times, I'm in a relationship.' B)…I didn’t know about his current girlfriend that he was hooking up with, OK? So, C) when he told me about this girl, it made me take a step back."

"Yes, I was still hooking up with him. Guess what? I'm 36 in 2023. I can kiss multiple people and not feel ashamed for it!" she said. "So, yeah, when Colin and I were kissing, we still hadn't slept together at this stage, and he told me that he had been sleeping with someone else. So, I was like, 'OK, I guess we're, like, kinda figuring stuff out."

It's for that reason that Daisy was annoyed by the blowback to her drunken truth-or-dare kiss with Alex.

"For me to be held accountable for that, when yeah, OK, Colin and I kissed in a hotel room. So what? Now I'm exclusive? No!" she said. "And it made me put my walls up when I found out he had been sleeping with someone."

Colin claimed the situation "was a lot deeper than that," and alleged that Daisy knew about the other girl, which she denied. Colin continued insisting as much, though, causing Daisy to burst into tears and storm off the set.

"We knew this was going to happen," Colin said over Daisy's sobs. "What I've said is the truth. I've just laid it all out there. Now it's my fault that I'm with somebody else, because we turned toxic? It makes no sense."

When Daisy returned to the reunion, she lamented how she felt "f**ked either way" she approached the whole situation.

"I'm always going to be the bitter, angry, crazy woman. I'm never going to win. It's never gonna matter what I say," she said. "... I defend myself, I'm defensive. I sleep with someone, I'm a slut. I speak up, I'm angry or toxic. I stay silent and I’m weak."

Colin noted that while his and Daisy's connection was "genuine," the arguing got to be too much, so, weeks later, he started a new relationship. All the while, Daisy claimed, Colin made her "feel so guilty about Gary.

"I eventually stopped talking to him. I eventually stopped being friends with him. It turned into a roaring match," she said of Gary, before calling Colin for his own flirting with Ilesha.

"The thing that killed me all season, Daisy, is you kept telling me over and over and over, you didn't have feelings for Gary and that it was me that you wanted to be with over and over and over, and then I'm watching it back, I didn't feel that's the case," Colin responded.

Daisy admitted that she feels "nothing but remorse and shame" for how behaved with Gary, but said she "was scared of getting hurt."

While Gary confessed that he had "deep down" feelings for Daisy, she said she "felt like a piece of meat" between him and Colin.

"I felt like I was a prize. It felt like it was an ego competition," she said. "I don't think Gary had genuine feelings for me. I do think we have a genuine connection, in that sense of what we do the show, and you have this bond. We've been through so much, and we do make each other laugh and feel good, but I think that's just on a feel-good level, and I think he confused that and I think I'm allowed to confuse that. I think we're all trying to figure things out."

While she was trying to figure things out, Daisy admitted that she was falling in love with Colin.

"I was more betrayed by the fact that he didn't tell me he was with this girl," she said. "I thought we were friends and I thought we built a good friendship, and knowing that all of these people on this screen knew this for months before I did, it was humiliating."

As for where they go from here, Daisy said she considers Gary a friend and will coexist as coworkers, and he remarked that they'll "never [be] how we were." Gary and Colin, meanwhile, have maintained a "pretty good" friendship. When it comes to Daisy and Colin, he said he was open to repairing things with her.

"I have regrets, but more importantly I know I have a good heart and I know my intentions were good," Daisy said. "Onwards and upwards."