Best Early Amazon Prime Day Deals on Home Organization and Storage

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Summer is officially here, which means it's time to take stock of your kitchen and home office to figure out how to make the best of your space for the new season. Since most of us continue to spend more time at home — cooking, baking and, well, snacking more — there's no need to hire a professional organizer. Instead, we gathered some of the best ideas found on Amazon with great deals ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2022 to help you up your home organization game. 

Having an organized pantry to come home to after stocking up at the grocery store makes at-home life easier. Whether you're looking to organize your kitchen, bedroom, and closets or wanting to refreshen your home for summer, Amazon has everything you need to declutter your home for 2022 and beyond. 

Read on for ET's tips and tricks and check out the best deals on Amazon ahead of Prime Day for your kitchen and home organization. And if you're looking for more ways to improve your kitchen this summer, be sure to check out the best Amazon Prime Day deals on cookware and appliances.

Tiered Shelves 

Things get lost in the pantry when you can't see what you already have (which can also lead to overbuying). Add height to your pantry organization with a step, tiered shelf to literally elevate visibility. One with a grippy, non-skid surface is ideal so items don't slide all over the place. 

This organizer isn't limited to the kitchen. Use this Homeries 3-Tier Shelf Organizer to declutter your figurines, perfumes, office supplies, craft supplies and more.


Store and organize spice jars, sauces, bottles, vegetable cans, medicines and much more with these tiered shelves. By the way, you can mount these shelves on a wall, door or cabinet. 


Save space in your pantry with the STEELGEAR 3-tier Stackable Can Holder Dispenser. The metal organizer can hold up to 36 cans and has six dividers built into the rack. 


Divide into Bins and Bags

Whether it's for the walk-in pantry or fridge, place items in clear plastic open bins by size and category for easy access. Large bins can be reserved for big bags and boxes, while smaller bins with built-in dividers can section out tea bags, packets and other smaller goods. 

This 15 piece storage container set will give your pantry that aesthetically pleasing look. The set comes with 24 reusable labels to switch contents whenever needed. 


The top rated pantry organizers can be used to organize your kitchen cabinet, refrigerator, junk drawer or even your garage. You can literally store anything in these organizers. 


These plastic organizers are great for keeping your fridge and freezer nice and tidy. After all, nobody wants to spend five minutes trying to find a condiment. 


Winter Clothes Storage

Bins and bags work well for your winter clothes and heavy blankets that you won't need this summer.  

Large containers are good for converters and bulky sweaters that you won't need until fall. 


These drawer organizers will help you keep all your favorite outfits organized. 


These vacuum-sealed storage bags can condense your winter clothes, cushions and more. 


Over-the-Door Rack 

An over-the-door wire rack instantly adds more storage space. A tall tiered rack with adjustable shelves makes it easy to vertically organize jars of peanut butter, cans, baking items or whatever you need extra space for. It's also perfect for extra closet space to store your shoes.

Hang over your door or nail to the wall to keep your cooking essentials organized and accessible at all times.


This LUCYCAZ Over The Door Hooks Organizer Hanger includes 5 hooks and 2 mesh baskets. Perfect to put on your bathroom door to hang towels and store your essentials. 


Lazy Susan

Forgo messy rummaging for a Lazy Susan with 360-degree rotating action that makes grabbing spices and condiments easy while you're cooking. We highly recommend a multi-level design for more storage capabilities and one with a non-skid rubber-lined base and raised edges. 

If you're looking for a stationary condiment organizer, this SimpleHouseware 2-Tier Spice Rack Kitchen Organizer is perfect for any countertop or shelf.


Use this lazy susan for spices or anything else you need easy access to in your kitchen cabinets. 


This sturdy and flexible spice rack organizer is equipped with 20 refillable jars and 48 reusable DIY label stickers. 


Decant Dry Foods

To know exactly where all your groceries end up, decant dry pantry foods such as snacks, cereal, oats, sugar and nuts into clear stackable airtight containers. The professional home organizing company, The Home Edit (celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow have called upon their services) has popularized this tidy look. Their collection of storage items is sold at the Container Store, along with their recognizable handwritten adhesive pantry labels -- or just make your own with a handheld label maker (great for noting and avoiding expired foods, too).

An aesthetically pleasing and functional way to store and dispense dry foods such as rice, cereal, flour and sugar.


If you like to buy in bulk, make sure to get large storage containers, too. 


These best-selling food storage containers make the perfect gift for anyone and can be easily stored in your kitchen cabinet.



Store Produce in Containers 

Instead of shoving fruits and vegetables in the fridge drawers, keep them separated and tidy in individual clear containers, which also helps to keep them in the best condition (no more squished scallions). Opt for containers with non-toxic activated carbon filters that absorb ethylene gas, a removable basket for optimal airflow and adjustable vent, designed to slow down spoilage. 

Storage containers that are designed to keep your produce fresh for longer. 


BPA-free and dishwasher-safe containers that features a built-in filter to help expand the freshness of your produce. 


Drink Mats and Organizers

Cans and bottles take up a lot of space. A rubber drink mat lets you stack beverages of all sizes and keep them in place -- no slipping or rolling around. 

Brighten up your refrigerator, drawers, cabinets and more with these washable Akinly Refrigerator Mats.


Ditch the box and stack your cans and bottles using a neat method with this 2-tier beverage organizer.


Pots and Pans Organizer

Let's face it, pots and pans are frustratingly bulky and not easy to store. Minimize clutter and damage by investing in a slide-out organizer. Adjustable vertical dividers customize to the sizes of your pots, pans and lids so they're stored nicely. 

This 3-in-1 compact pot and pan organizer can perfectly fit on any countertop or in any cabinet.


The adjustable pot and pan rack can fit all of your pots, pans, cast irons, griddles, baking dishes, and more. 



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