The 10 Best Weighted Blankets for Comfort and Stress Relief — Starting at $45

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Best Weighted Blankets for 202
Gravity Blankets

Snuggling up with a blanket is peak comfort during the cozy winter season when you want warmth and relaxation throughout the chilly nights. But for those of us who aren't the best sleepers, blankets are just something to get tangled up in while tossing and turning all night. For restless sleepers (and those who just like feeling snug as a bug), weighted blankets are the key to a better night's sleep, especially in the winter when nights are longer. 

Weighted blankets, per the name, are much heavier blanket than your traditional blanket. The added heft, sometimes 25 pounds or more, provides pressure therapy where the heaviness of the blanket calms your body's system and mimics the feeling of being hugged or cocooned. This sensation not only helps many people get a better night's rest, but weighted blankets are said to also be calming and help ease anxiety. So when it comes to improving your sleep, we suggest starting with a quality mattress and weighted blanket. 

A good night's sleep can help improve your concentration and overall function throughout the day. Treating yourself to a durable weighted blanket or any other sleep essential that helps you sleep through the night is a smart move. Ahead, shop our selection of the best weighted blankets perfect for getting a good night's rest, so you can hibernate peacefully this winter. 

The Best Weighted Blankets

According to Gravity's website they've done a sleep study on 1,000 people to test their weighted blanket and 76% of the participants reported falling asleep faster. They also claim 72% reported a more restful night's sleep.


All four shades of this weighted blanket by Casper are currently $70 off. It also comes with breathable fabric so you won't get too hot while sleeping. 


Luna's soft weighted blanket evenly distributes the weight to your body and is breathable enough to be used any time of year. Not only is it thermo-regulating, but the blanket is also machine washable. 


The knit-weave of the nuzzie blanket allows better distribution of weight compared to some beaded weighted blankets. But another benefit to a knit-weighted blanket is increased air flow throughout the night.


For the hot sleepers, go with this cooling blanket to keep you comfortable all night. It disperses heat and increases air flow so well that it's cool to the touch.


This weighted blanket is disguised as a chunky blanket knit with oversized yarn made from organic cotton that you'll love to put on display. 


This super-soft weighted blanket by Brooklinen is sure to ease your worries as you drift off to sleep. The interior is filled with glass beads which are better for the environment.


Gravity's well known for their core-weighted blanket, and this fur-weighted blanket using the same technology is like a giant cozy hug. 


Coming in two weight options, pick whether you prefer a 12 lbs. or 18 lbs. blanket when adding it to your cart. This super soft and luxurious weighted blanket also comes in ivory, black, or grey.



While UnHide's blankets are known for being super-cozy, this particular Marshmallow style is made of 90% recycled materials — so customers get all of the comfort and none of the guilt.



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