Bethenny Frankel Mourns Death of Mom Bernadette Birk: 'You Did the Best You Could and You Are Free'

The reality star took to Instagram to announce the death of her mother.

Bethenny Frankel is grieving the loss of her mother, Bernadette Birk, who died from lung cancer on April 19, 2024. She was 73. 

Frankel took to Instagram on Saturday, April 20, to share the heartbreaking news with her followers. She posted a series of decades-long photos in a tribute, capturing moments shared between herself and her late mother. The carousel included a touching snapshot of Birk alongside Frankel's daughter, Bryn Hoppy.

In her caption, Frankel reflected on her complex relationship with her mother, acknowledging both the highs and lows they experienced over the years. She described Birk as a multifaceted individual, writing about her beauty and intellect while also acknowledging her struggles with alcoholism, an eating disorder, smoking and self-destructive tendencies.

"Despite not being equipped to be a mother, she loved me and I have beautiful memories of her," said Frankel. 

Frankel emphasized the love she shared with her mother and Birk's profound impact on her life. She credited her with imparting valuable lessons in "food, wit, culture, and strength" despite her shortcomings as a parent.

Frankel did not shy away from addressing the difficulties of her upbringing. She revealed that she assumed the responsibilities of adulthood at a young age, saying, "I won’t sugarcoat it. I was an adult long before Bryn’s age, experiencing things no young child should endure."

However, she expressed gratitude for the resilience it instilled in her and the inspiration it provided to break the cycle of hardship. 

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Frankel bid farewell to her mother, expressing, "Goodbye mom, Bonnie, Bernadette. You did the best you could and you are free and at peace." Ultimately, Frankel disclosed that she reconnected with her mother later in life, motivated by her desire for Bryn to know her grandmother. 

Frankel expressed a mixture of mourning and acceptance, acknowledging the pain of her childhood while embracing the love and support she has found in her daughter and close friends.

At the end of her post, Frankel told her fans, "Please call, connect with, or hug someone you have a complicated relationship with today."