'Big Brother' Crowns New Champion in Dramatic Season 22 'All-Stars' Finale!

Big Brother All-Stars

The true all-star of all-stars has emerged! After three months of competition, Big Brother All-Stars has crowned a new champion.

Going into Wednesday's special two-hour competition, it was down to the final three: Cody Calafiore, Enzo Palumbo and Nicole Franzel.

So, who won the big $500,000 prize? Scroll down for the big reveal. Otherwise, here's how everything played out during Wednesday's big finale!

When the episode kicked off, Nicole had already won the first of three Head of Household Competitions, locking Enzo and Cody into a showdown that required physical prowess, timing and a good memory of event from this past season.

The challenge required the two contestants to run across a balance beam and set up cardboard cutouts of evicted houseguests, then run back across the beam -- while shoving some pendulum pigs out of the way -- and snap a photo of the cutouts without one of the "photo hogs" in the frame. They had to do this multiple times.

Enzo had a difficult time figuring out the timing and coordinating his movements. Cody had difficulty as well, but seriously outpaced Enzo.

The degree to which Cody beat Enzo wasn't truly clear until their final times were revealed. Enzo completed the challenge in 37 minutes and 38 seconds. Upon hearing his time, he was sure Cody had breezed through faster, and predicted a final time of 12 or 13 minutes -- but he was wrong.

Cody completed the challenge in 4 minutes and 49 seconds.

Enzo stormed off, mostly mad at himself, but generally venting in all directions. It was not a great look for him, but Cody and Nicole didn't have a lot of time to worry about his spiraling tantrum because they the had to square off in the third and final HoH challenge. Whoever won the final challenge would choose who to take with them as to final two. 

The third competition saw Cody and Nicole face off in a trivia challenge, where they had to answer questions based on their memory of thing that happened to the other houseguests during their time in the BB house over the past three months.

Cody, who took an early lead and never let Nicole make up lost ground, came out the victor. So, the first big question of the game arose when it came time for Cody to choose who to evict, and who to take with him into the final two. 

He'd been long-time friends and allies with Nicole, but Nicole has won Big Brother in the past, and could be harder to defeat when it came to the jury's vote.

Meanwhile, Cody and Enzo had formed a close bond and spent a lot of the season scheming together -- and Enzo was likely an easier opponent than Nicole.

The decision seemed to weigh heavily on Cody's heart, and he was almost in tears when he revealed his choice. "This is horrible to do this to one of you guys, but, Nicole, I'm so sorry," Cody said.

An angered and heartbroken Nicole grabbed her mask and her bags and headed for the exit, pointedly telling Cody and Enzo, "You guys both played one hell of a game. You should be proud."

As Enzo -- shocked at still being in the competition -- celebrated, Nicole joined host Julie Chen Moonves outside the house. She couldn't hold back her tears.

"I really did not see that coming. I really thought, no matter which way the final HoH went, that Cody was going to take me," Nicole said as she cried into her face mask. "Now just thinking about it, it's, like, why would he take a previous winner, I guess? I don't know. But I just thought our bond was so-- so close, and I did not see it coming."

"It's the first thing this season that I haven't seen coming," she added.

That being said, Nicole told Julie that she wasn't going to hold it against him. "I'm not angry because this is a game. But, oh my god, it's going to take me a little bit," she shared.

With only Enzo and Cody left -- and Nicole in the jury -- it was time for the last two houseguests to answer questions from the jury before their final vote. The questions mostly revolved around how Enzo and Cody played the game, as the jury grilled both houseguests on their strategies and biggest moves.

Cody argued that he tried to be as involved as possible, and to make as many big plays as he could. Enzo argued that he employed a far more laid back strategy of making everyone love him and using Cody as a weapon so he could sit back and reap the benefits.

When it finally came time for Nicole to ask her question, she admitted that she couldn't look at Cody because she was still hurt, but asked why he chose the way he did.

Cody essentially apologized, and admitted that it came down to two things: he though Enzo would be easier to beat, and he felt it was important to give someone who hadn't won before a chance.

"That weighed heavily on me, having another person win back-to-back seasons when some of us haven't even gotten a chance to win one," Cody said, as Nicole shook her head annoyed. "And that's ultimately what the decision came down to. And it was not an easy one."

So Who Won 'Big Brother All-Stars'?

By a unanimous decision, the new Big Brother winner is...

... Cody Calafiore!

Cody earned every juror's vote -- including Nicole's, despite the animosity -- meaning he walked away with $500,000 for his three months in the house. Meanwhile, Enzo took home $50,000 for coming in second place.

However, they weren't the only ones to take away a prize. Da'Vonne managed to earn over a million viewer votes to earn the title of America's Favorite Houseguest, and she earned $25,000 for the honor.

As for Cody, he seemed to still be in shock by his win, and he told Julie, "I never thought I'd be back here and winning the game. It's crazy to even say that."

"I have a lot of planning for my future," Cody added.

Congrats to the big winner of Big Brother All-Stars!


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