'BiP': Kristina Schulman Drops a Second, 'More Personal' Caelynn Miller-Keyes Hookup Bombshell (Exclusive)

Schulman claims Miller-Keyes intended to hook up with the same guy she did.

It seems Blake Horstmann isn't the only ex that Kristina Schulman and Caelynn Miller-Keyes have in common. 

ET's Lauren Zima spoke with Schulman at Bachelor in Paradise's season six finale taping, where she opened up about the pair's other shared ex -- whom they seemingly both also connected with at Stagecoach. 

"The point of me bringing up this guy is because I gave Caelynn the benefit of the doubt and she personally did something," Schulman hinted, adding that she didn't want to reveal the man's identity. "I don't want to mention who it is, just because it's not relevant. I just wanted to say what my situation was with Caelynn, and it wasn't that I just disregarded her from the get-go."

"It was a little bit more personal and she did it personally," she claimed.

Schulman and Miller-Keyes both slept with Horstmann at Stagecoach, one night after the other, unbeknownst to them until after the fact. The drama played out this season on Bachelor in Paradise, with each woman confronting Horstmann for his behavior, but with neither particularly supportive of one another. In fact, insults flew each other's way for how they shared the information with other cast members. They didn't exactly bury the hatchet at Tuesday's Paradise finale. 
"I just told Caelynn from the moment I saw her that I'm indifferent about her. I just didn't trust her intentions when she was on Colton [Underwood's] season and I was indifferent," Schulman told ET. "I'll see her at an event. I'll say hello. I'm not like, 'Oh, you're a mean girl. I don't wanna talk to you.' Like, none of that. It's just another person that I know." 

Schulman is apparently on better terms with Horstmann, who received some heat from the cast for leaking his private text messages with Miller-Keyes, who claimed on the show that she thought she and Horstmann were in a relationship at Stagecoach, and said that he asked her to keep their hookup a secret. Horstmann said he shared the messages to show that Miller-Keyes initiated what was understood as a casual encounter at the music festival, but earned flak for having shared them at all. Dean Unglert, who previously dated Schulman but is now dating Miller-Keyes, accused Horstmann of slut-shaming the former pageant queen. 

"I'm supporting [Blake] because I think he needs it. He's had so many people be supportive of him and be there as his friend, but when the show started airing, he didn't see a majority of those people. So, he feels a form of betrayal and that nobody was there for him," Schulman explained. "So, I just continue as someone to hold his hand and show that, 'Hey, I've been here for you for a year.'" 

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