Blake Shelton Releases Wedding Vow Song 'We Can Reach the Stars' for Gwen Stefani

The singer released the song he wrote for Gwen Stefani for their wedding day.

Blake Shelton just released his most personal song yet.

The country crooner dropped "We Can Reach the Stars," which is the song he wrote as his wedding vows to Gwen Stefani. The sentimental single comes four months after Shelton and Stefani's Oklahoma nuptials. Prior to releasing the track, Shelton posted a photo of the two from their wedding day.

"Gwen and I decided we were going to write our own vows for the wedding, but I decided to surprise her by writing a song instead… ," Shelton wrote.

Carson Daly, who officiated the couple's wedding, commented, "You didn’t decide to! I forced you to. Thank Jesus too, yielded the best wedding moment & a hit song! You should buy me a tracker w the royalties cowboy. 😂."

When the song dropped, Shelton also wrote on his social media, "I’m really proud of #WeCanReachTheStars and I’m really honored to be with @gwenstefani. That’s why we got married in the first place. That’s why we wear rings… because we want everyone to know. I’m thrilled to share this song with the world. "

Listen to the song below:

Daly previously revealed on the Today show that he suggested the couple write their own vows for the ceremony. While they were "reluctant" to do so initially, they eventually agreed.

"At the wedding, Gwen starts and she wrote this [speech] saying 'since I was a little girl... blah blah blah' and she crushes [it], not a dry eye in the church," Daly recalled. "... It was so perfect that I said to Blake when she was done, 'Top that, buddy.'"

When it was Shelton's turn, he said, "Gwen has always given me a hard time about not writing enough songs, so I wrote a song."

"Guitar comes in, stool, next thing you know, he wrote her a song, and he sings her a song -- while he's crying -- that he wrote specifically for her. 'Reach the Star,' I think it was called," Daly shared. "Not a dry eye in the house. That was a highlight."

Shelton and Stefani tied the knot on July 3, in a very intimate ceremony surrounded by family at Shelton's Oklahoma ranch. Shortly after they became husband and wife, the two shared stunning photos from their special day.

Watch the video below to see them!