Brandi Glanville Weighs In on New 'RHOBH' Cast and Whether She’ll Return for Season 10 (Exclusive)

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As Brandi Glanville puts it, she’ll always be a Housewife.

"It is what it is," she quips to ET at Marriage Boot Camp’s 100th episode celebration in Los Angeles on Thursday. "Like, Andy [Cohen] is -- I joke, it's like Brandi and Andy for life."

When Lisa Vanderpump announced her exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills earlier this year, fans immediately started campaigning for Brandi’s return to the series. Brandi lost her full-time status on RHOBH after season five, which featured her falling out with Lisa, but only has well-wishes for her today.

"I think that she has so much going on herself, she doesn't really fit in with the girls anymore," she notes. "She's not getting in a bikini and jumping off cliffs. She's at the next chapter, and she has everything."

"And it's not fun to watch someone that you used to love kinda go down, no matter what we went through," she adds. "It's not fun to watch. But no, I just feel like that chapter's closed."

Brandi returned to RHOBH for a cameo in season nine, but, despite the fan campaign, won’t be a cast member on season 10.

"Andy and I, we're friends," she says. "We've talked about it. We talk about everything. It wasn't not gonna happen, and there were other things in the mix that happened. But listen, they're shooting right now. I've been invited to do things, I haven't been able to do them yet, because of certain things…"

"It has to be the right time and it has to make sense," she adds. "I know all the girls and I text with them, like, how's it going? Who's getting along? I know all the gossip! So, like, can you come to this party? Can't make it! But, like, I couldn't…"

Brandi says she plans to make at least one appearance in season 10, whenever her schedule lines up with filming. For now, she’s looking at the show as a fan and says she’s excited for the two new additions, Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais.

"I know Sutton, she's really sweet," Brandi admits. “I've been to some of her parties, we have some mutual friends. She's an amazing party-thrower, she's very nice. Garcelle, I've done her show, [Hollywood Today Live], and then we saw each other at Michael's when we both looked like s**t, we were both like, 'Oh god. No…' But we were in line together, so we had to say hi. But, no, she's lovely. She's gorgeous. And I'm excited!"

"I think it's nice that we have a little flavor f**king finally!" she adds.

While she and the fans wait for her return to RHOBH, Brandi has found herself mixed in with some drama in a different Housewives city, Orange County. After RHOC's Tamra Judge compared her co-star, Kelly Dodd, to Brandi over the summer, the two got into a Twitter feud. Today, Brandi says she's just focused on making sure Kelly survives the season.

"I feel bad for Kelly, to be honest," Brandi says. "I just feel like they're all using her, to go after her so she reacts, so [they’ll] have a storyline."

"Kelly and I have been friends for many years, to be honest, and people did not know that," she shares. "We understand each other because we are the person that everyone goes after just to get a reaction. So, it's like if you want to have a storyline, go after Kelly, because [she's] gonna give you this explosive, craziness. So, I understand her position in a group of women who don't want to share their lives, so they'd rather go after her, so she looks like the bad guy because she reacts the same way I react! So, I understand her, but we've been friends for years."

"We've had these deep conversations," she continues. "I'm like, 'Girl, don't react.' She's like, 'You don't react!' I'm like... well, if that was possible, would've done that. But, they have our number and we're not changing it, so it's an easy out." 

The two are set to appear on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen together soon.

"I said, if we don't end up in jail, we'll be there," Brandi jokes. "Honestly, together, we get along so well. I spent the night at her place in Newport and all that. We don't get in fights with each other. She's nice to people, which is very important to me. A lot of these women on these shows think they're like Brad and Angie, and you're like, 'Oh, you're just being rude to people for no reason?!' She's a lovely f**king -- she's a lovely human being, and it's important."

Also important to Brandi is her new YouTube series, Drinking and Tweeting, named after her best-selling memoir. The set-up is simple: Brandi drinks wine, sits on her bed, reads tweets and comments on just about anything she wants to comment on.

"I ask [the producers] to cut everything out, so they have told me, like, we are not sending it to you beforehand," she confesses. "I have these producers that came to me, like, 'We just want you to be you!' I'm like, I'm gonna go to jail! Do you understand this? Yeah, no. I'm not actually in charge of it, sadly. It's me, but it's not me. But it's me. I'm getting paid, is what it is. I'm a hooker.”

"Who doesn't want to get paid to drink and be an a**hole?" she asks.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars: Family Edition’s new season airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on WEtv, while The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will return to Bravo in 2020.


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