Bristol Palin Says She Never Wants to Get Married or Date Again After Dakota Meyer Split

Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin isn’t ready to jump into another relationship following her divorce from Dakota Meyer. On Monday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, the mother of three returned to her home state of Alaska to spend some time with her family following her split.

"It feels so good. I feel like a huge weight off of my chest, honestly,” she tells her sisters of the divorce in the episode. 

Bristol then goes on to explain that her breakup has led to a new outlook on marriage in general. 

"I don’t think I’ll ever get remarried, ever,” she says. "My parents have been married 30 years, like, of course that would be so incredible to have that. But my thoughts on it have changed so much.”

The 28-year-old reality star admits that pressure from her relationship with the father of her son Tripp, Levi Johnston, may have influenced her decision to tie the knot with the father of daughters, Sailor and Atlee. 

"I just felt so judged, I guess, because I wasn’t married with Tripp, and I just wanted it to be all right,” she says. 

When her sisters start trying to set her up with someone else, they joke about finding her a cowboy in Texas, where she’s currently living. 

"Hell to the nah!” she says. "I’ve only dated one guy that wasn’t from Alaska and look what happened. Learned my lesson. No, I don’t want to date ever!”

They then offer to set up a dating profile for her, prompting her response, "You guys think I’m desperate. I just got divorced!”

Meyer shared similar sentiments back in October when he opened up to ET about his life post-divorce. Insisting he doesn’t plan to get married again, he told ET, “I haven’t started dating. I’ve been so busy running around with kids that I don’t have time to date.” 

For more from the exes, watch the clip below: 


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