Brooke Mueller Committed to Remaining in Treatment ‘As Long As It Takes' (Exclusive)

Brooke Mueller
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Brooke Mueller is determined to remain in the treatment center where she was admitted in July, until she can “come out and have a successful life,” ET has learned.

In early August, a rep for the actress confirmed to ET that Mueller had “checked herself into a trauma center three weeks ago."

On Tuesday, ET was informed that Mueller, 42, remains in the East Coast treatment center, where she “is doing well” following a relapse.

“She feels like this particular program that she’s involved with is very different from the traditional ones she’s done in the past,” the source said. “She feels like she’s making much more progress  than she has at previous treatment centers.”

“Brooke is committed to staying as long as it takes to get her to the point where she feels she can come out and have a successful life,” the source added.

Mueller, who was previously married to Charlie Sheen with whom she has 10-year-old twins, has a history of substance abuse struggles.

She was seen on a crystal meth binge in July 2018, in a video obtained by Page Six.

Prior to that, she entered rehab following an incident with Salt Lake City police and a subsequent hospitalization in 2016. She left treatment in January 2017.

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Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion.


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