BTS Gets Pelted With Fruit by James Corden to See Which Bandmate Is the Bravest -- Watch!

BTS joins James Corden on The Late Late Show

The band performed on Thursday's episode, but before taking the stage they tried to show just how brave (and calm) they really are in a hilarious game.

James Corden welcomed the beloved K-pop boy band BTS to the studio on Thursday's Late Late Show, and everyone in the audience had a hard time keeping their excitement under control.

The guys joined Corden to perform their hit single "DNA" to the screaming audience, and also played a hilarious game of Flinch, where they proved just how cool they can stay under pressure.

The seven-man group closed out the show with the high-energy performance they've become known for -- which they recorded earlier this month, days after arriving in Los Angeles ahead of the American Music Awards.

The relentless fan chants from their ARMY kicked off as they took the stage, but even the wild screaming and cheering couldn't drown out the their powerful performance.

The band members --  RM, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, V, J-Hope and Jimin -- also put their courage to the test with a hilarious game of Flinch, where they tried to stay calm in the face of fast-flying fruit.

Jin and J-Hope were the first two contestants in the bizarre game that saw them standing behind a plexiglass wall and trying not to flinch as Corden fired fruit at them out of a pressurized air cannon.

However, RM didn’t have high hopes for his bandmates.

"You've got to expect a reaction [from them]," the singer told Corden as he loaded the cannon. "I mean, they are the most cowards of our group, so…"

Jin boldly disagreeded, yelling out from behind the glass wall, "Come on, come on! I'm not afraid, you know!?" before immediately freaking out as Corden surprised him with a loud, terrifying burst of produce. J-Hope was so startled he fell to the floor, and his bandmates couldn't stop laughing.

Meanwhile, Jungkook and V couldn't have been more impressive when they stood in the line of fire, barely evening reacting when a tomato exploded against the glass inches in front of their faces.

But Jimin, Suga and RM were the last three to go up, and they didn't just stand there, they struck the coolest poses they could as they waited for the explosion. However, it was still Jungkook and V -- with ice water in their veins -- who came out the winners.

When BTS hit the stage at the AMAs for their debut American TV performance two weeks ago, the fan response was louder than for any other artist at the show. 

ET caught up with the guys backstage after their number, and they opened up about how the performance felt like "a dream"

"It was like there was millions of people standing and fans were screaming in front of us," RM recalled of their high-energy number. "We cannot forget it for a [lifetime]." Check out the video below to hear more from the megahit K-pop group.