Cameron Boyce Honored With Touching Tribute Following 'Descendants 3' Premiere on Disney Channel

The network shared a heartwarming video dedicated to the late actor who died last month.

Cameron Boyce was truly one of a kind.

Following the premiere of Descendants 3, Disney Channel shared an almost-3-minute video dedicated to the late actor, who died on July 6. The touching tribute begins with Boyce explaining how much he's "learned and grown" while on the set of one of his first series, Jessie. The clip also features his former co-stars talking about how amazing he is, as well as bloopers from his shows, behind-the-scenes clips from various projects and more.

"Everything you are, every smile, every laugh, every dance, every hug, every moment, everyone you touched…you mean everything to us," the message in the video reads. The sweet montage ends with a clip of a young Boyce during one of his first auditions, as well as a note for viewers on dealing with grief.

Boyce died in his sleep after suffering a seizure. He was 20.

With permission from the Boyce family, Disney Channel dedicated the telecast of Descendants 3 in his memory. Ahead of the TV premiere, the actor's co-stars took to social media to share heartfelt messages dedicated to their late friend, as well as share behind-the-scenes photos from the set.

In an exclusive featurette from Disney, filmed prior to his tragic death last month, Boyce opened up about how the third installment of the franchise aims to inspire its young audience.

"The V.K.'s [Villain Kids] were the trailblazers," Boyce says in the clip. "It kind of inspires a new generation of people who look at us and go, 'Oh, maybe we can also follow in those footsteps,' and become something that we've maybe always wanted to be but never had the chance to sort of express."

"We tell a real tale at its core," he continues. "People can watch the movie and maybe, without even knowing, relate to the characters."

See more of Boyce's final interview in the video below.