Cardi B Slays Live Performance at a Senior Citizens Center in Epic New 'Carpool Karaoke'

The 'Bodak Yellow' rapper knows how to perform an amazing show for audiences of all ages.

Cardi B knows how to win over any audience, even if they aren't in her target demo.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper joined James Corden for a hilarious new installment of "Carpool Karaoke" on Monday's The Late Late Show, where she recounted how one of her most awkward performances came when she was hired to play a bar mitzvah "not so long ago."

"I never performed in from of so many kids, and then my DJ didn't have the clean version of my songs," Cardi recalled. "I just felt so awkward saying the curse words. But those kids were having a good time, and I had a good time too."

The embarrassing experience led Corden to ask the artist if she'd ever played to an exclusively older audience, and she admitted that she's never gotten the opportunity... so the TV host drove her to the Culver City Senior Center for an impromptu engagement!

Taking over the mic at a Mind/Body Dance Class, Cardi kicked things off in front of a small group of senior citizens with a fun (only somewhat profane) performance of her song "I Like It," that went over surprisingly well with the audience.

Cardi sang, smiled and danced with some of the seniors, one of whom seemed to fancy the rapper quite a bit.

"I'm very pleased to met you," the older gentleman, who said his name was Gunter, told Cardi as they danced together. "Are you looking for a significant other? Are you available?"

The question took Cardi by surprise as she laughingly stammered, "Uh, I, um, sure!"

The impromptu show went over incredibly well, as Cardi seemingly introduced herself to a previously untapped market of potential fans.

Throughout Cardi's ride with Corden, the rapper seemed to be having a tremendous amount of fun, getting super into rapping her own tracks and sharing some insights into her personal life -- specifically her penchant for fancy cars, despite the fact that she doesn't know how to drive.

"I have a Lambo, a Lamborghini truck, a have a Bentley truck, I have a Maybach and I have a Suburban," Cardi said, gleefully listing off her collection of insanely expensive vehicles.

"OK, so, five cars," Corden replied. "So here's my biggest question: You can't drive. So what's the point of having the cars?"

"To take pictures with," Cardi said, laughing.

When Corden suggested she could simply snap pics with the cars in the showroom, Cardi shot that down, explaining, "Naw, that's being an imposter."

"You know how many things I can rap about now that I own these cars?" Cardi continued. "I couldn't rap about these cars, because I didn't own none. Now I can rap about it."

Corden suggested that he could give Cardi a driving lesson, and as fans saw in the promo The Late Late Show posted last week, it went even worse than he expected.

While Cardi didn't shy away from getting personal about herself and her past, one thing they didn't touch on was her now-defunct relationship with estranged husband Offset, with whom she shares 5-month-old daughter, Kulture.

A source tells ET that the "Carpool Karaoke" segment was shot on Nov. 15 at the senior center, and Kulture was not on set.

As for the course, that took about an hour or two for the crew to set up and was shot in the parking lot. There was no security or kill switch for the car, and no equipment was really damaged, aside from a GoPro getting scratched.

Check out the video below for more on Cardi's ongoing love life drama, which has dominated the headlines since she announced her split from Offset on Instagram early this month.

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