Cardi B Takes Paris Fashion Week to a Whole New Level With Head-to-Toe Floral Look

Cardi B Paris

The rapper posed in her Richard Quinn ensemble near the Eiffel Tower on Saturday.

Cardi B just took Paris Fashion Week to a new level.

On Saturday, the "I Like It" rapper stepped out in a head-to-toe green, white and blue floral look designed by Richard Quinn. Cardi, 26, showed off the elaborate look, which covered her entire body, while posing for photos by the Eiffel Tower.

"What's popping baby? I heard you b***hes was missing me at Fashion Week New York," Cardi says in her Instagram video posted shortly after, adding that she's, "Here to serve it to ya."

"You b***hes could never," she continues, as she walked across the street. "Make sure a car don't hit me, because a b***h can't see."


The full look features a matching coat, pleated dress, head scarf, gloves, boots and face mask. It was part of Quinn's fall/winter 2019 collection, which he debuted during London Fashion Week in February.

Karlie Kloss wore the same outfit earlier this year for a British Vogue photo shoot.

Meanwhile, like Cardi mentions, she was not present during New York Fashion Week earlier this month.

Last year, the "Money" rapper and Nicki Minaj made headlines for getting in a brawl at a NYFW party. At the time, Cardi claimed Minaj made rude remarks about her being a mother and proceeded to throw a shoe at her. After the physical altercation, Cardi was spotted leaving the event with a knot on her forehead. 

Relive that moment in the video below.