Cardi B Talks 'Working it Out' With Offset and Planning for More Kids (Exclusive)

The rapper also opens up about motherhood and daughter Kulture.

Whether Cardi B gets back together with Offset or not, the "I Like It" rapper knows that it's important to keep her family together.

"We're working it out," Cardi, 26, told ET's Kevin Frazier of her relationship with her estranged husband while in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday. "Taking it slow."

The GRAMMY-nominated artist revealed via Instagram back in December that she and the Migos rapper had split up, but recent social media posts and comments have led some fans to believe that they're back together.

"We're always going to be a family that's together. My baby loves us both," she told ET, referring to their 6-month-old daughter, Kulture. "Having a baby that the whole world wants to see and watch and know, we just have to be very overly protective. We make sure we're always communicating, show care and make sure that we [are in] sync. Our schedules are so crazy and it's just [important to] spend time. These are the times that babies recognize their parents. They want to be close to their parents all the time."

Becoming a mother "means everything" to Cardi, who explained that motherhood is an "indescribable feeling."

"It's like love, joy, it's a switch," she expressed as she gushed about her baby girl. "It's her automatic smile. It's automatic worries and [feelings of sadness]. My baby had a cold and I felt so sad, and I wanted to cry, and [I was] so worried."

"And I think I mean everything to her," the rapper said, adding that when Kulture sees her "she kicks her feet so fast. It's like, she loves me!"

While Kulture brings so much joy to Cardi's life would she want to double that feeling and have another baby?

"I want to have more kids," she shared. "Whatever my body can take, and I feel like I can take it. It's so easy for people to be like, 'Oh, I want four or five kids.' But it's like, 'Can you really take that?'"

However as a first-time mother, Cardi is enjoying every little step of the journey and loves watching little Kulture grow. 

"I feel like the more my baby grows, I see the different levels and it's just going to be different levels all the time," Cardi explained. "From being one year old to going around chasing them, making sure they don't put things in their mouths to five years old going to school, learning things, interacting with other kids, there's always going to be different levels." 

For more on Cardi and Kulture, watch below.