Carly Waddell Calls Out 'Bachelorette's Jed Wyatt for 'Toying With Hannah's Emotions' (Exclusive)

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' star isn't happy with Wyatt amid his ex-girlfriend drama.

Carly Waddell is not happy about Jed Wyatt's alleged girlfriend drama.

Last week, Wyatt's ex-girlfriend, Haley Stevens, came forward alleging that she and Wyatt were in a relationship when he went on The Bachelorette. She claimed to ET that he only hoped to reach Hannah Brown's top five, and alleged that he planned to return to her after the show. 

"You can't come on the show with a girlfriend! This show works. This show is about love," Waddell told ET's Lauren Zima as she and her husband, Evan Bass, appeared on Tuesday's Roses and Rose Live. "This is so horrible, and it makes me so angry that people, Jed in particular, are doing this. This show isn't about promoting your career, it's not about Instagram."

"You're toying with Hannah's emotions, and we love Hannah," she added. 

Wyatt admitted to Brown on a previous episode of The Bachelorette that he came on the series to promote his music career, but said that he was falling for her. "I think he's probably developing real feelings, and he's like, 'Oh crap, what do I do? I'll deal with it after the show,'" Bass guessed. "I'm not saying it's right."

Waddell and Bass -- who met on Bachelor in Paradise, got married and are now expecting their second child together -- are big fans of how Brown has handled her season so far. Waddell is skeptical that fans will see Wyatt open up about his ex to Brown on the show, or tell her that he was allegedly in a relationship while starting the season. 

"There's no way she would keep him if that happened," she hypothesized, as her husband offered a different opinion. 

"She will overlook a lot of stuff for Jed," Bass theorized. 

"Hopefully if they're together [at the end], Hannah can forgive him," he added. 

"A lot of it just depends on how much Hannah can forgive and how true the feelings are, I guess," Waddell said. 

Regardless of how things end up with Wyatt and Brown, Waddell and Bass couldn't help but joke over the musician's many performances on Monday night. "He got his time he needed with the singing on TV," cracked Waddell, who came on her season of The Bachelor as a singer, but now has a podcast, Mommies Tell All, and recently launched a jewelry line, Reviver Jewelry. 

Bass, meanwhile, recalled there were five guys with guitars on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette -- but none of them got that much airtime. The father of four joked that he and other contestants were told by producers to "put those guitars away." 

"I think his voice is interesting," Waddell said of Wyatt's voice -- which has gotten both criticism and praise online. "I don't think it's bad, no." 

On Tuesday morning, Stevens told ET that the guitar case seen on Monday night's episode actually belonged to her, claiming that she lent Wyatt the case before he headed to L.A. See more in the video below. 

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