Carson Daly Reveals Finished DIY Haircut After Pranking Fans With a Photoshopped Bald Look

Carson Daly
'Today' Show

Carson Daly is coming clean! The 46-year-old Today co-host cut his hair live on the air on Wednesday with the help of his 11-year-old son, Jackson, and celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton. Unfortunately, the segment had to end before the TV personality had time to finish, so he took to his Instagram to share a photo that he claimed was the final product. 

Fans were shocked to see a bald Daly, but on Thursday, he once again video chatted into the Today show to reveal the actual final look. 

Daly started out with a towel wrapped around his head, acknowledging the speculation about his new 'do before taking the towel off to reveal a simply shorter version of his original look. 

"You didn't let me down!" a pleased Appleton told Daly. 

Referring to his son, Jackson, Daly noted, "He goes, it would be funny if you posted a picture of you bald? So we found an app, we doctored up the picture. I showed it to [wife Siri Pinter], and Siri goes, 'Oh, that's terrible, no one's going to believe that.'"

But the opposite effect actually happened, and Daly noted that, "Everybody thought it was real."

"I called Carson as soon as I saw it!" co-host Al Roker agreed. 

"Because of Uncle Al and I have lots of bald friends, I feel like I've let them down now," Daly admitted. "I still want to say, bald is beautiful. I'm willing to do it."

Daly also posted side-by-side photos of his real and Photoshopped images on Instagram, writing, "Real vs Fake. I jokingly posted the bald pic & got SO MUCH positive reaction, I actually feel bad? I never thought anyone would think it’s real. Turns out, literally, everyone did! It was fun to laugh for most of the day...nice break from reality. Thanks everyone! @todayshow."

For more on celebrity hair transformations in quarantine, watch the clip below: 


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