'Cheer' Gets Hilarious 'Saturday Night Live' Treatment: Watch the Sketch!

Cheer on SNL

Even Saturday Night Live has been hit by the Cheer bug.

Netflix's pop-culture phenomenon was front and center on NBC's late-night sketch comedy show when the Navarro College competitive cheer team got its own dedicated segment -- and it's everything Cheer fans could ever want.

The Navarro-inspired cheer team has 10 days to Daytona, Florida, where the national cheerleading championships are held, and unfortunately, they've been unlucky with injuries all season long as a coach bearing resemblance to Navarro's Monica Aldama, played by SNL cast member Heidi Gardner, details in the sketch. Adam Driver, who portrays an assistant coach for the elite team, voices his worry over the team's rash of injuries and them being "shook."

"We throw people high, high, high in the air and sometimes we drop, drop, drop them," Monica 2.0 says in her signature Southern drawl, prompting them to pan the camera up to the ceiling where one of the girls is stuck in the boards after a stunt gone awry.

"I cannot stress this enough, in this sport it's the tiny girls' job to fly and the gay guys must catch them," she reiterates, using her hand for emphasis as to how serious she's being.

"Y'all gotta prove why you deserve to be on mat at Daytona!" Driver says, reiterating a common phrase the coaches and the Navarro guys and gals say often on Cheer

When Driver calls to an injured team member Troy (Beck Bennett), arm in sling and all, to express why he deserves to be on mat at Daytona, he says, "I deserve to be here so we must and we will," another common phrase uttered on Cheer. But then things go south when he starts discussing how a weird saying ("There's no such thing as being full") he saw on an Outback Steakhouse menu also served as inspiration.

A blonde girl named Desi (Chloe Fineman), whose ankle "melted" the other day forcing her to hobble around on crutches, shared her dedication to the team, saying that even though her brain will be mush, she's ready to throw her body on the line. "What did you put on it?" Driver asked of her ankle. "Prayer," answered Desi, who is definitely inspired by Cheer's Lexi Brumback.

Cheer on SNL

Lastly, a Gabi Butler type played by Ego Nwodim, stated her case for mat because she's simply a "cheer-lebrity." There was ultimately nothing for most of the cheerleaders to worry about because as Monica 2.0 revealed, they all made it to mat! Well, except Cooper (Kenan Thompson).

Watch SNL's hilarious Cheer sketch, featuring a cameo by Halsey, below.

The Cheer crew has been doing the press rounds as of late, recently appearing and performing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And on Friday, Cheer favorites Brumback, Jerry Harris and Butler visited the ET studios in Burbank, California, where Brumback opened up about her decision to return to Navarro.

In the final episode of the season, it was revealed that Brumback had been kicked off the Navarro cheer team after illegal substances were found in a car she was in with friends. Shortly after Cheer dropped on Netflix earlier this month, Brumback shared that she was back on the team after having conversations with Monica.

"Whenever I was going to the other college, I just didn't feel like it was a good fit for me," Brumback told ET's Katie Krause. "I didn't have that 'at home' feeling that I did when I was at Navarro and I told my parents and a few people about it. I had reached out to [Monica] and, actually, the whole time I was at the other school, there was a bunch of people on Navarro saying, 'Please come back,' and even the assistant coaches. Andy [Cosferent] and I were communicating and I was still communicating with Monica too. It just wasn't about coming back until I found out it wasn't really working out for me."

"Monica's been the type to, in the past, she's given second chances and she knew that my intentions weren't bad and that I did really want to prove myself and I'm not the bad decisions that I've made," she said. "I'm better than that. So she was open to giving me another chance and I'm really thankful she did because life's been so crazy, like, just crazy in a good way since I've been back."

For more, watch ET's exclusive interview below.

Saturday Night Live airs live coast-to-coast on Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. PT/11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. The first season of Cheer is streaming now on Netflix.

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