Chris Lane Emotionally Admits He Never Wanted to Be a Husband or Father Before Lauren Bushnell (Exclusive)

The 'Take Back Home Girl' singer also told ET the name of his new upcoming single.

Chris Lane admits he never wanted to have kids or get married. Then Lauren Bushnell walked into his life and added her own kind of beautiful spin to the idea.

The "Big, Big Plans" singer opened up to ET's Cassie DiLaura about fatherhood, marriage life and (surprise!) a new single on the way. The country star, currently on the road for his nationwide Fill Them Boots tour, has plenty to be thankful for with regard to his career, but what really tugs at the strings is talking about the loves of his life -- Bushnell and their 7-month-old son, Dutton.

But it didn't always used to be that way. Lane admits he never envisioned life as a doting husband and caring father.

"I never wanted kids," Lane admitted to ET. "I honestly never wanted to get married. None of that."

Enter Bushnell.

"I feel like when you meet somebody that makes you want to change your mindset and then makes you want that ...," said Lane as he trailed off before revealing something he's kept to himself for nearly a year. "Actually, the day [Dutton] was born, and I haven't told anybody this, but I cried my eyes out, because I felt like I was praying, just, 'Lord, thank you so much for not listening to me for all those years that I said I never wanted that.' I wouldn't have known what I was missing out on and it's truly the best thing in the world."

As he poured his heart out about what fatherhood meant to him, Lane couldn't help but grow emotional.

"I know," he said. "I'm not even a crier."

Lane and the Bachelor alum, who tied the knot in October 2019, welcomed a sweet baby boy last June. And, for the record, Lane admits their son is named after John Dutton, the ruggedly handsome and fiercely determined character on Yellowstone portrayed by Kevin Costner.

The singer, whose new single "Stop Coming Over" is out now, also opened up about expanding his family.

"I know Lauren wants a little girl eventually," he said, "so I want that for her. I prayed hard for a little boy, and I have that. So, now I want what she wants." Seeing an opening, DiLaura suggested naming his little girl Beth after, well, Yellowstone's booze-chugging firecracker Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

"Yeah, let's hope not," quipped Lane, an enthused golfer who is champing at the bit for his son to love the sport as well.

For fans who can't make it to one of Lane's dynamic concerts, which culminates Aug. 13 in Long Creek, Nebraska, they can take solace in the fact that the "Fix" singer has a surprise up his sleeve -- a new single dubbed "Howdy" that's set to drop in a couple of weeks.

"Yes," Lane said. "We have not even announced that yet." The upcoming single's title is also a play on words.

"The play on the words is 'How'd he ever let you go, how'd he ever walk away?'" Lane explained. Bushnell broke up with Ben Higgins in May 2017. She would later date Devin Antin, but they split up in August 2018. Shortly after that, Lane said howdy.

And the rest is history.