Chrissy Teigen Can't Decide Which Photo With Her Kids to Share in Hilariously Real Post

Chrissy Teigen
John Sciulli/Getty Images for go90

Picking the right family photo can be hard -- just ask Chrissy Teigen

The 32-year-old model and cookbook author took to Instagram on Monday to share a sweet beachside photo of herself with daughter Luna and son Miles, but hilariously revealed in the caption that picking which shot to share wasn't the easiest decision. 

“Should I post the one where his head looks unsupported but my face looks good and Luna is over it, the one where his head is supported but my face is just okay and Luna is over it, or him crying and my face looks okay and luna is over it?” she captioned the snap in a sly jab at mom shamers she's battled in the past. 

Teigen is all about honesty, especially when it comes to motherhood. The model recently opened up about conceiving both Luna and Miles with IVF. "Yep, he was on ice a smidge longer. Science and the human body are beautiful," she responded to a fan asking about Miles. 

When a fan asked if Teigen was offended by the question, she insisted she wasn't. "I wasn’t offended by it -- people are just curious and I think hearing success stories gives people hope. I’m all about talking about IVF,” she wrote.

See more on Teigen in the video below. 


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