Chrissy Teigen Shares One Thing You’d Be Surprised to Know About John Legend (Exclusive)

ET sat down with Teigen, where she opened up about how amazing her relationship is with her husband.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend really do have the perfect relationship.

At least that's what it sounded like when ET's Keltie Knight sat down with Teigen, 32, ahead of the launch of her BECCA x Chrissy Cravings Collection with BECCA Cosmetics. The Cravings author and Legend have been married for five years, and love to give fans an inside look into their lives.

But there is one thing that the mother of two says people might not know about her hubby.

"We sleep naked, but you probably knew that," Teigen dished. "[But] maybe this is what will surprise you. He's [a] very crazy, aggressive cuddler. Like, wants to hold very hard and I'm the one that's like, I get very hot. I get very hot. So I'm crawling to the other side of the bed."

Cuddling or no cuddling, there's no denying that they are definitely relationship goals.

"People see John as this perfect entity and all I want to do is be like, 'Yeah, but he does this! But he really is that fantastic, and amazing, and amazing for me because I'm a fireball," Teigen confessed. "Like, I'm crazy and he knows how to deal with me when we fight. And he knows just the right thing to say to diffuse it. And I think that is the problem, it's that it's so frustrating because sometimes you just want to fight and sometimes you just want to yell at somebody and he's never that person."

Teigen has always been vocal about their relationship, life at home and even post-pregnancy life. But for those wondering if having kids shook up her and Legend's love life, the answer is no! 

"Some people wonder, 'Does [having kids] shake it up a lot?'" Teigen said. "But it didn't for us because it just became us against the kids, which I love too."

Teigen, meanwhile, also touched on having good days and bad days on social media, yet she "can’t imagine" ever taking a social media break. "If Twitter ever ends up like MySpace I don't know what I'll do," she joked.

"There's just different times of the day where I'm more sensitive to things than other times that day," she shared about reading people's mean comments and taking on internet trolls. "We all have bad days. So when you hear something negative on that particular bad day, It might hit you worse than it did or would have the day before. Everyone has feelings and it's important for everyone to see that everyone has feelings. That's why I do like to 'clap back' as they call it, because I like people to know we're not just robots that are on this other side of the computer and we don't see everything. I see everything. And I think more than a lot of people I read a lot, and it gets to you for sure. It definitely gets to you but it helps to have a wonderful family life and a good career."

Additionally, Teigen also touched on daughter Luna's obsession with makeup and how she's already a beauty pro.

"Every single time I'm doing my makeup I have to put her on the counter next to the sink and we're doing it together," she shared. "She really loves [it].

As for the inspiration behind her new makeup collection, Teigen shared, "I wanted a holiday collection that could transfer day to night and also be very clutch-able. Like little things you could toss in your clutch and still be able to close it."

Hear more in the video below.