Christina Applegate's 'Dead to Me' Co-Stars Praise Her Amid MS Battle (Exclusive)

The actress did not attend the premiere of the show's final season.

Christina Applegate has the love and support of her Dead to Me co-stars. The 50-year-old actress did not attend the premiere of the Netflix show's final season in Los Angeles on Tuesday, but the love for the show's star was palpable on the red carpet. 

ET spoke with Applegate's co-stars about the actress' inspiring journey to finish the series in her role as Jen Harding following her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. 

Linda Cardellini, who plays Judy Hale on the series and who attended Applegate's recent Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony this week, praises her co-star's work ethic and talents. 

"Well, she's just so incredible, you know? I mean to work with her is a gift," Cardellini tells ET. "We get to play wonderful friends on screen, and we get to be wonderful friends off screen too."

Calling Applegate a "ginormous star" and a "unique and exquisite talent," Cardellini says of her co-star's Walk of Fame ceremony, "She is the best. I was really happy to see that. And, you know, you think about. You hear about it. But when they pull that thing away, and you see that star on the ground with her name on it, it just was really fun. We were all really celebrating. It was a beautiful day."

Dead to Me creator Liz Feldman also praises Applegate for her dedication to the series amid her health struggles. 

"It’s something that I'll always be grateful for, and not just for that, but just for her talent, her friendship, her hard work, her brilliance," Feldman says of Applegate. "We all came together as a community to finish this show and support each other, and it’s something I'm really proud of."

James Marsden, who plays Steve Wood on the show, tells ET of Applegate, "She's just an inspiring individual and has always been. She’s just a tremendous actress I've known her for several years... She's just one of the more talented people that I know, and she's funny as hell. Beyond that she's just one of the most compassionate, considerate human beings. She was there for me through this process as much as I was there for her. So it continues to be that love fest and I just cherish that friendship."

Marc Evan Jackson, Brandon Scott, Natalie Morales, Linda Cardellini, Liz Feldman, Sam McCarthy, James Marsden, Luke Roessler and Diana Maria Riva attend the 'Dead to Me' season 3 premiere at Netflix Tudum Theater on Nov. 15, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. - Unique Nicole/FilmMagic

Noting that he's been a "big fan" of Applegate's for a while, co-star Brandon Scott, who portrays Nick Prager in the series, says, "Just watching her up close and personal and just being able to witness her talent and the growth of the character throughout the journey of three seasons, I mean it's really spectacular."

Sam McCarthy, who plays Applegate's on-screen son, Charlie Harding, says of his on-screen mom, "The entire time I was working with Christina was inspiring and a true anchor of love and creativity for everyone... I really couldn't say enough things about Christina... She was just kind of my stepmother, and I really have a lot of love for her. I really do love her. She's wonderful."

Natalie Morales, who plays Michelle Gutierrez, tells ET, "Christina's always been inspiring to me. I've been inspired by her since I first saw her on TV, and I think she will always be inspiring to me no matter what happens. So I'm just excited to get to work with her all the time."

Meanwhile, Diana Maria Riva, who plays Detective Ana Perez, calls Applegate a "consummate pro," adding, "She's fun, she’s loving, she's supportive of the actors, she’s uplifting, and she’s just good people. ...She had so much heart and commitment to this project in general that it was just wonderful for us to see it all through."

Liz Feldman, Christina Applegate, and Linda Cardellini attend a ceremony honoring Christina Applegate with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on Nov. 14, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. - Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

On Monday, Applegate unveiled her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in an emotional ceremony. After Nov. 14 was officially declared "Christina Applegate Day" in Hollywood, the veteran TV star -- with the aid of a walking stick and actress Katey Sagal's help -- took to the podium to deliver an endearing speech filled with her signature wit and humor. Applegate, who has spoken publicly about the impact MS has had on her life, brought Sagal, her former Married With Children co-star, up to the stage with her for the duration of the speech.

"So Katey to, like, steal the thunder," joked Applegate, who was barefoot for the whole event, as Sagal stood behind her for moral and physical support. "I'm kidding! I love you."

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