Ciara Shares the Most Important Thing She Does for Her Physical Wellbeing (Exclusive)

ET was with the singer on the set of her new music video 'Thinkin About You.'

Ciara is dedicated to being fit for life.

The 33-year-old mother of two is known for her fit physique, and works relentlessly to keep it in shape. ET's Lauren Zima was on the set of the singer's music video, "Thinkin Bout You," where she shared the key component in shedding 50 pounds in five months after welcoming her daughter, Sienna.

"Tons of water, water is key and honestly just listening to your body," she revealed was the most important thing she does for her wellbeing. "I had to work on mastering that because I love food so much, and food is so good. It's so comforting and the problem is that when it's in your face you want more."

As for eating healthy, she said "finding balance is really key." "That's what I've really been working on and I will tell you it's been a long time, it's hard work trying to do that…I really talk to myself, I'm not going to eat those fries right now…brownie ice cream, I hear you. Imma eat you tomorrow."

Ciara previously told Cosmopolitan magazine that she worked out three times a day after welcoming her first child with husband Russell Wilson. She's also mom to son Future, whom she shares with ex-fiance Future. While she takes the time to tone up, she also embraces her flaws.

"Even something as real as having stretch marks on my back on both sides, I look at these babies and it's all worth it," she told ET. "This is beautiful."

Ciara also reminisced on meeting her husband and instantly knowing he was the one. "When you know, you know," she expressed.

"We talked about our story after we met each other and we had the same feelings and did the same thing in our own way," explaining that they both talked to their friends about each other. "It was a sweet feeling. So this song ['Thinkin About You'] kind of identifies with that special feeling of what you have and those early stages [in your relationship]. I will say," she continued. "I didn't think so much of his love was a game, but still my mind wandered a lot and this song kind of taps into those sweet feelings and that early stage."

Wilson and Ciara began dating in 2015, marrying a year later. So how do they keep their flame alive? "Russ always talks about the continual surprise and element of surprise," said Ciara. "And he's really good at that. We both try to surprise each other… We also make an effort of really having a consistent date night schedule. So date night is really, really important for us, especially when he's in football."

 "Friday is the off day, so we put that on our schedules and it's a weekly routine," she added. "And we the schedules don't falling perfectly on Friday, we always make sure we find the best day of the week to do it. It gives you that young, exciting feeling because we both are working so hard and balancing family and everything that we have this sweet moment to come together and focus on each other."

The two also try to "keep it hot" for each other, dressing up and "keep it fresh." "We're trying to do this thing forever and I think that's important to keep it fresh," she shared. "And to make sure you're always having fun."

So is she thinking of expanding her family anytime soon? "I do think about it and I do wanna do it again, of course at the right time," the "Goodies" songstress dished. "There's no perfect timing, but I'm having fun dancing right now with a little flat tummy. So I'm gonna enjoy this."

Another thing she's also enjoying is watching her daughter dance along with her.

"I was rehearsing for the 'Thinkin About You' video. She's watching on the sofa, because there's a moment where I'm dancing in the bedroom and I jump to the bed and I jump around like singing with a hair brush and all this fun stuff," Ciara recalled. "And she's watching me and she's like mimicking, she's loving to dance."

She's also so proud about creating her own record label and entertainment company in 2017, Beauty Marks Entertainment.

"It was huge. I had dreamt of making my own label for a while," she expressed. "In this stage in my career, you've worked so hard so you really want to fully benefit from the work of your labor. So that's what this moment is about for me. It's about ownership, it's about self-empowerment also, it's not only myself, but also young girls and people around the world."

"This is the best feeling," she joyfully said. "I've been able to learn so much on this new chapter."

For more on Ciara, watch below. Her new album, Beauty Marks, drops on May 10.