'Claim to Fame': Donny Osmond Pokes Fun at Son's Appearance on the Show

Chris joked that he should consider researching his ancestry after contestants guessed he had ties to Elvis Presley and more.

Donny Osmond is having a bit of fun with his son Chris Osmond's recent appearance on Claim to Fame

The 65-year-old entertainer took to Instagram to react to the many wrong guesses at Chris' familial connection on the show, which included Elvis Presley, Nicolas Cage, John Travolta and more. He also shared photo of a sweet family moment, holding his newborn grandchild during what appears to be a watch party for Monday's show. Chris is a dad to two little ones with his wife, Alta: Aussie, 2, and Dune, 2 months. 

"For those of you who've been watching the ABC reality show, Claim to Fame, I thought my son, Chris, did an amazing job! He made that show so interesting because no one could guess which celebrity he was related to," Donny wrote. "I'm proud of my son. Signed, Nicholas Cage. I mean, Elvis Presley. I mean, Jim Carrey. I mean, John Mayer I mean, Elton John. I mean. Billy Idol. I mean, Little Richard. I mean, Ozzy Osbourne. I mean, Paul McCartney. I mean, John Travolta. I mean, Sting . I mean, Garth Brooks. I mean, Donny Osmond. 😂"

He sweetly added, "Chris, you're a star! PS. I don't like that lunchbox anymore! 😉"

During the reality competition show's two-part finale, Chris' connection to Donny was eventually revealed when Monay pieced together a clue from a lunchbox that featured a silhouette of the iconic brother-sister performing duo, Donny and Marie Osmond. 

Chris commented on his dad's post, joking that they should consider researching their ancestry. 

"I think we might need to do some digging to see if we’re related to all of those wrong guesses," he cracked. "I’m starting to think I have multiple claims to fame 😂"

Chris' wife shared a peek inside the family's backyard screening of the show, including a video of the former teen idol sweetly holding baby Dune. 

"He's a legend to many around the world -- but he's the true MVP of our family," she wrote. "He has so much love and talent to give, and is constantly giving it. He's the sweetest grandpa to all of our babies. Chris absolutely ADORES HIS DAD. I truly couldn't have been blessed with a better father in law." 

Alta Osmond / Instagram
Alta Osmond / Instagram

In addition to son Chris, 32, Donny is also dad to Donald Osmond Jr., 44, Jeremy Osmond, 42, Brandon Osmond, 38, and Joshua Osmond, 25. 

Chris was not the winner of ABC's second season of Claim to Fame. That honor went to Nick Cannon's brother, Gabriel Cannon. 

"At first, Nick is like, 'A reality show?' You see the eyebrow raise. He wasn't sure. Like, 'What is this?' He knows me, so he knows I got a big mouth. So he's kind of like, 'I don't know what you're gonna say on TV," Gabriel told ET after his identity was revealed. "But I think when he's seen the concept and he's seen what we're doing, he literally said, 'Man, yeah, that's brilliant.' He loved it once he saw the concept."

As for what advice Nick had for Gabriel, the latter Cannon noted, "He was just like, 'You been prepared for this. Go get them. And don't make me look crazy.'"

Gabriel succeeded in that request and was proud to tell Nick that he "represented [him] well" while on the show. Gabriel did just that thanks to the love and respect he has for his brother.

"It's amazing," Gabriel told ET of growing up with Nick. "I tell people it's some of the best training I could have got. I could have never paid for the experience. Nick is a jack of all trades. He's not just the actor. He's not just a musician. He's an everything... He put in the work."

"Nick has been famous since [he was] 17. It's a part of him now. I think Nick is uncomfortable if he's not working... It's the greatest example and then to like even to see that clip you just showed me like with somebody like that, who has been celebrated his whole life has worked hard his whole life," he added. "... I did something to make a guy like Nick Cannon proud, so it's like, thank you, Claim to Fame."