Claire Foy Tries Her Best to Become Less Royal After Starring in 'The Crown'

Claire Foy
David Sims

Claire Foy is trying to leave the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the past!

The 34-year-old former star of The Crown covers Vogue's November issue and is using this opportunity to update her public persona. The reinvention comes as The Crown's third season will feature an all-new, older cast to keep up with the show's timeline -- Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth II and Tobia Menzies in Matt Smith's former role of Prince Philip. 

In a hilarious video for the magazine, Foy laments that she needs to leave her royal ties in the past in order to move forward as an actress. 

"You have to be whimsical and fun and improvise," someone on the phone tells the actress before advising her against royal activities such as stag hunting in Scotland and purchasing a corgi.

"Do the opposite of anything royal?" an unsure Foy -- who is looking very regal while lounging on a fancy couch in an all-Chanel outfit -- questions, before declaring, "It's going to be fine."

Foy goes about her work, sadly putting away fancy jewelry, trying to take selfies throughout her house, and attempting to do outdoor activities.

"I think it's really important to be in nature. Just to protect it and understand it and nurture it and be natural in the nature," Foy says as she attempts to snap a pic with a plant. 

Claire Foy
David Sims

"I'm just not precious. I'm just not a precious person, really. Just put on whatever and get on with life," she insists as she wears a floral Oscar de la Renta top-and-skirt combo while attempting to kick a soccer ball. "I love sport because it just makes me, you know, feel alive. It makes me, you know, I move and I exist and, you know, I sweat, which I really dislike. I hate people sweating anywhere near me -- or around me, or me sweating."

"I'm really approachable. I don't want people to think that I am different to them," Foy quips as she attempts to start a leaf blower while wearing her high-fashion ensemble. "Just don't want them to think I'm royalty because they're just really unapproachable."

Sporting a yellow Hermes scarf, Burberry trenchcoat, and Max Mara cat-eye sunglasses, Foy preaches about alone time and peace while she walks around carrying her Golden Globe. She even stops a couple to take a selfie with their dog in order to "change my profile."

The laugh-out-loud video ends with the pics and videos Foy managed to take throughout her attempt to leave royalty behind.

During her stint on The Crown, Foy and Smith, made headlines for their pay-disparity for their respective roles. 

“I went through so many different states of being either kind of upset about it or ashamed or annoyed or angry or defensive,” she tells Vogue of the quasi-scandal. “But my feeling now is that something good will come out of it.”

One of the good things following her royal role is her new film,The Girl in the Spider's Web, a dark, action-packed departure from playing a queen.

“So much of it was about being physically able to do the stunts,” she says of the making of the film. "...When I read the script of Spider’s Web, I did think, 'I don’t know anyone who would take this on.'” 

As for her personal life, Foy opens up to Vogue about splitting from Stephen Campbell Moore after four years of marriage. “I’m incredibly lucky that I have a child with someone I deeply love and who is my best friend," she says. The two welcomed a daughter, Ivy Rose, in 2015. 

The Girl in the Spider's Web hits theaters on Nov. 9. While you wait, check out the trailer for the flick below:


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