Claire Foy Was Denied Entry Into an Emmys After Party After Winning an Emmy

Claire Foy

The Queen of England can’t even score an invite to the Emmys after parties! 

British star Claire Foy picked up her first Emmy last month, but things went south from there. The 34-year-old Crown actress opened up about the experience on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where the host asked her if she had trouble getting into the award show’s after parties. 

"I didn’t have trouble, I didn’t get in,” she quipped. "I was mortified. I was like, ‘Oh god!’ I was [holding my Emmy] and even then [they didn’t let me in]."

Luckily, Foy had a celebrity pal step in to give her a hand — Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness. 

"He was my knight in a white suit,” she said of the grooming expert. "When he got me in, I made it a point of principle. I was like, ‘Thank you, Jonathan, but I’m waiting until I’ve got the tickets and I’m going to do this properly,’ which is ridiculous.”

Van Ness was clearly obsessed with the actress when the pair met at the Emmys, he posted several photos and videos of the interaction to his Instagram account at the time. 

“Oh. My. F**king. God. MOM! MOM!! MOM our fav!!!” he captioned one shot. 

As for Foy, she’s starting to get used to some of the more surreal experiences in her life. During her Tonight Show appearance, she talked about auditioning for her new film, First Man, before going to breakfast with director Damien Chazelle and her co-star Ryan Gosling. 

"He was like, ‘Let’s go for breakfast! Let’s go meet Ryan!’” she said of Chazelle. "And I was like, ‘This is perfectly normal. Let’s go meet Ryan Gosling. Let’s go do that.’”

For more, watch the clip below: 


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